April 21, 2016 - Viridis Energy Inc. is a publicly traded company (Toronto Venture exchange: VRD - Public documents HERE) and has been a producer and trader of residential and industrial wood pellet fuel. Viridis is working with FutureMetrics for the potential sale of all of it's assets.
April 17, 2016 – Viridis Energy Inc. announced that its lender, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), has made a demand upon Okanagan Pellet Company (OPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Viridis, for payment in full of OPC’s outstanding indebtedness in the aggregate amount of $2,610,262 by April 18, 2016.
April 15, 2016 – RISI has released the 2015 version of its Global Pellet Demand Outlook, analyzing the development of pellet demand in major global markets over the next 10 years.
April 1, 2016 - IEA Bioenergy have released a biomass firing report entitled, The status of large scale biomass firing: The milling and combustion of biomass materials in large pulverised coal boilers.
April 1, 2016 - The Government of Alberta is phasing out coal power plants and offering incentives for wind and solar energy. But what about meeting peak power demands, managing intermittent power drops from wind or solar, and the potential stranding of massive existing power generating assets?
March 30, 2016 - On March 29, a fire broke out at Pinnacle Pellet Plant’s Lavington facility, according to recent news article from Castanet.
April 21, 2016 - The risk for forest fires in Alberta and Saskatchewan have already reached extreme levels, according to a recent article by The Canadian Press.
April 19, 2016 - A recent outbreak of the spruce beetle population in Northern B.C. is presenting new challenges—and headaches—for stakeholders in the region.
March 28, 2016 - The Canadian government is targeting September of 2016 to have a plan in place for a national carbon tax strategy. To get there, the government wants to create small working groups of stakeholders to discuss how much the tax should be, and its implementation across Canada.
March 28, 2016 - Woody debris in forests of temperate and boreal ecological zones is created by natural (wildfire and insect outbreaks) and harvesting (logging) disturbances. Salvage logging and clearcutting often leave much woody debris after the processing of trees. A major “perception” of our utilitarian outlook is to define excess woody debris as “wood waste,” particularly the residue (slash) occurring after conventional and salvage harvesting of forests.
March 8, 2016 - The Forest Innovation Fund provides up to 50 per cent, to a maximum of $50,000 in grant funding for small and medium companies to support research and development, innovative technologies, and new or improved products to optimize the fibre supply in Mountain Pine Beetle affected areas.
February 24, 2016 - There are some unusual things going on in forest certification. The trend lines are heading in different directions.
April 26, 2016 - BioAmber Inc., a leader in renewable materials, announced that its Canadian subsidiary BioAmber Sarnia Inc., a joint venture with Mitsui & Co., has secured a CAD$10 million loan from BDC Capital (BDCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).
April 26, 2016 – FPInnovations is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Serge Constantineau to the position of research manager of its SM2 Initiative effective April 25, 2016. The SM2 initiative will oversee research and development of advanced manufacturing technologies that have the potential to impact the global forest sector. These technologies are expected to maximize the usage of fibre currently being harvested and enable the creation of innovative bioproducts from the sub-product material produced during the manufacturing process.
April 18, 2016 - S2G BioChemicals (S2G), a Vancouver-based developer of natural chemical conversion technologies, has announced that the company initiated production today of fossil-free bio-based glycols at the Memphis, Tenn. site of the company's operating partner, Pennakem LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Minafin Group.
March 28, 2016 – Cellulosic Sugar Producers Cooperative, an Ontario-based farmer’s cooperative, has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Comet Biorefining to collaborate on the development of a sustainable agricultural biomass supply chain in southwestern Ontario.
March 22, 2016 - FPInnovations has developed a unique process for the production of cellulose filaments from natural pulp fibres. The process involves mechanical peeling, does not require the use of chemicals or enzymes, and does not produce effluents, making it environmentally friendly and well-suited for the Canadian forest industry. Cellulose filaments obtained by this process have unique features, including sub-micron widths, very high aspect ratios, high flexibility, high surface area, and high bonding potential. They have been shown to be excellent strengthening agents, bringing significant improvement in the wet-web and dry strength of tissue, towel, printing and writing, and specialty paper grades. Applications in composite and other non-paper products are also being explored.
March 8, 2016 - Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has awarded Comet Biorefining, Inc. a grant of $10.9 million for the construction of its first-of-a-kind advanced bio-based chemicals plant. Located in Sarnia, Ont., the plant will use proprietary conversion technology to transform corn stover, an agricultural residue, into high-purity dextrose sugar.
April 22, 2016 - WestJet has announced it has teamed up with Alberta-based, Clean Energy Technology Centre (CETC) to accelerate the development of sustainable aviation biofuel in Western Canada.
April 21, 2016 - Post-secondary students and researchers at universities, colleges, and other research organizations are invited to submit their research projects for consideration for the Atlantic Biorefinery Conference Poster Session.
April 11, 2016 – A research team from Texas A&M University has discovered an enzyme in a common microalga that can assist in the development of biofuel.
April 6, 2016 - Air Canada has announced it will participate in Canada's Biojet Supply Chain Initiative (CBSCI), a three-year collaborative project with 14 stakeholder organizations to introduce 400,000 litres of sustainable aviation biofuel (biojet) into a shared fuel system at a yet to be determined Canadian airport.
March 31, 2016 - There’s a giant, covered pond filled with microorganisms at the Slave Lake Pulp mill site. It’s man-made, and it’s massive, the size of three hockey rinks. This is a new addition to Slave Lake’s wastewater treatment system and the source of the methane that the mill converts to green electricity.
March 29, 2016 - When local investors decided to purchase Hefler Quality Lumber, a sawmill in Middle Sackville, N.S., from the Prest family, producing lumber was only one of the opportunities they envisioned at the mill.
April 22, 2016 - Morbark president James W. Shoemaker Jr. has been named the 2016 John G. Thodis Michigan Manufacturer of the Year Award recipient for Large Tier companies by the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA).
March 29, 2016 - The Construction and Forestry Division of Flint Equipment Company’s South Carolina dealerships have joined the network of dedicated companies that offer Bandit equipment throughout the United States. Flint Construction and Forestry Division will handle sales, parts and service of all large Bandit equipment in the region, including all whole tree chippers and The Beast horizontal grinders.
March 23, 2016 - The expansion of the wood pellet industry in Canada has caused hammermill manufacturers to expand their product offerings to the North American market. As a result, there are more options for pellet mill equipment than ever before here in Canada.
March 22, 2016 - Morbark, LLC has announced that an affiliate of Stellex Capital Management has purchased the company. 
March 17, 2016 – Martin Engineering recently released Martin Arcoplate, a wear-resistant fused alloy plate designed to withstand more abrasion than other protective metal linings. With a bi-metallic design, it combines a smooth and dense chromium carbide-rich metal alloy face plate with a hard steel back plate to resist gouging, erosion, temperature extremes and material buildup. Installing it on surfaces exposed to abrasive conditions increases protection for longer equipment life with less frequent maintenance.
March 17, 2016 - According to a report from RnR Market Research entitled, Global Biomass Boiler Market 2016-2020, analysts forecast the biomass boiler market to grow at a CAGR of 6.43% worldwide from 2016 to 2020.
April 21, 2016 – The amount of carbon stored in tree trunks, branches, leaves and other biomass — what scientists call “aboveground live carbon” — is determined more by timber harvesting than by any other environmental factor in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, according to a report published by researchers at Oregon State University.
March 24, 2016 - The following are upcoming workshops offered by the Maritime College of Forest Technology:
February 26, 2016 - It can take Mother Nature 1,000 years to grow a forest. But Nikolay Strigul, assistant professor of mathematics and statistics at Washington State University Vancouver, can grow one on a computer in three weeks.
February 19, 2016 - The 2015 State of Canada’s Forests report is now available from Natural Resources Canada (as a PDF download).
February 9, 2016 - Mettler Toledo has published a new guide entitled, “Essential Measurement Techniques.” The guide will ensure lab personnel have a basic understanding of the techniques they use so they can more easily spot potential error sources in lab measurement protocols. Enhanced understanding will help them reduce waste and rework to create a leaner overall lab experience.
Decemebr 9, 2015 - Ontario Power Generation has set an example for the global energy market.

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