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$1.3-billion hydrogen plant eyed for Edmonton; would cut emissions 95%

June 14, 2021
By Canadian Biomass


A $1.3-billion hydrogen plant may be constructed in Edmonton to produce clean-burning fuel from natural gas.

The governments of Canada and Alberta have signed an agreement with Air Products Canada to build the plant, subject to the completion of agreements in signed memorandums of understanding among the parties and with the necessary permit approvals.

If the project goes forward, hydrogen-fuelled electricity and liquid hydrogen for transportation would be produced for transportation. The plant could be operative by 2024 and create about 2,500 jobs.

Natural gas produced in Alberta would see about a 95 per cent carbon reduction by Air Products.


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1 Comment » for $1.3-billion hydrogen plant eyed for Edmonton; would cut emissions 95%
  1. Richard Annett says:

    Hi, Please be aware that producing H2 from fossil fuels is still just as bad as burning fossil fuel directly. Carbon does not magically vanish in the process. It is still warming the planet. And the planet cannot accept more CO2.
    There are 3 classes of hydrogen production. Green hydrogen is one of those and is generated from renewables or non fossil fuel sources. That is the only source worth having.
    This publicity by the fossil fuel sector is a con.

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