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AESI launching Biomass Research Institute

December 21, 2011
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Dec. 21, 2011, Wichita, KS - Alternative Energy Solutions International Inc. (AESI) is  launching its Biomass Research Institute, which includes a full-scale boiler operation at the beginning of February 2012.

Dec. 21, 2011, Wichita, KS – By converting biomass waste to energy
America can reduce its dependence on costly fossil fuels, support the
growth of agriculture, forestry, and rural economies, and create
American jobs. Biomass waste includes wood waste, yard clippings,
agricultural waste, animal waste, and even municipal solid waste.

According to the United States Department of Energy’s Billion-ton
Update, over 500 million tons of biomass waste is produced in the United
States annually and that figure is estimated to expand beyond one
billion tons by the year 2022.

Utilizing this waste as energy means displacing approximately thirty
percent of America’s current petroleum consumption, saving American
businesses from importing costly fossil fuels and fueling America’s
energy needs locally.

Alternative Energy Solutions International Inc. (AESI) is committed
to evolving America’s energy usage to clean, green, and renewable
biomass energy through biomass gasification. With a primary focus of
providing thermal energy outputs, AESI’s biomass gasification solutions, services, and technologies
produce hot water, hot air, steam, or thermal oil to generate heating,
cooling, process-steam, or electricity through combined heat and power
(CHP) applications.


On February 1-2, 2012 AESI will launch its Biomass Research Institute
which includes a full-scale operational GLOBAL 30 biomass gasification
boiler. Utilizing technologies designed and developed for over 50 years
by San Martino, Italy-based Uniconfort srl, AESI provides clients with
reliable and proven solutions for generating thermal energy from

Featuring guided tours of the facility and demonstration unit,
presentations by key industry partners, and dedicated attention from
industry specialists the two-day event will focus on showcasing
functional biomass energy solutions.

The AESI Biomass Research Institute is located in Wichita, KS, in the heart of the Midwest and close to the geographic center of the United States.

Join AESI for the Biomass Research Institute Open House February 1-2, 2012. Registration is free and can be completed online at

About Alternative Energy Solutions International Inc. 

AESI is biomass energy evolved. With a primary focus on delivering
modular, thermal first applications for commercial and industrial
clients, AESI’s biomass gasification systems are designed to reduce or
remove the customer's dependence on traditional fossil fuel sources.
AESI’s respected team has been gasifying and combusting alternative
fuels since 1996. Strategic partner relationships enable AESI to offer
turnkey delivery of reliable, high performance systems from single to
multi-unit delivery. With sister company Wichita Burner Incorporated’s
50 years of combustion expertise and AESI’s proven biomass experience,
the company delivers an optimized system that is designed to meet the
energy need and function as intended from day one. For more information,

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