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Alliance for Green Heat looking for participants for Pellet Stove Survey

May 29, 2024
By Alliance for Green Heat

Image: Alliance for Green Heat.

The Alliance for Green Heat has designed a new survey to gain insight into how and why people use pellet stoves, and what they like and don’t like about them. Compared to the more traditional cord wood stoves, less is known about pellet stove users. Many studies and government agencies do not even distinguish between the two when discussing wood heat.

If you used a pellet stove for home heating in the past year, please take the Pellet Stove Survey.

The U.S. Census does not distinguish between wood stoves and pellet stoves, but the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) began publishing basic information on the number of households using pellet stoves in 2009. According to the EIA, one million Americans use pellet stoves. Unlike the U.S. Census, the EIA does not ask whether households use an appliance for primary or secondary heat, so it is unknown if pellet stove owners use their stove for primary heat more than wood stove users.  

This survey was designed to be short to encourage maximum participation, and cover key issues. Respondents may participate anonymously. Respondents who leave an email address, are eligible for a $75 gift card and/or have the results sent to them when the survey closes.  

Please take the  Pellet Stove Survey if you use one.

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