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Aspen Planers blows dust away

November 10, 2014
By Amie Silverwood

Nov. 10, 2014 - As a means to prevent fugitive dust build-up, Aspen Planers of Merritt B.C. has installed a number of powerful fans to dislodge wood dust from out of reach areas. On October 9, six fans were installed in the DDM room to combat dust accumulations. The fans knocked down any dust that had collected high up in the trusses and on the bridge crane – out of reach of those attempting to keep the mill free from wood dust. Within 30 minutes of running the fans, the room was noticeably cleaner. These fans will help maintain a high level of clean in this room and reduce the amount of manpower and regular cleaning required.

The SonicAire robotic fans installed at Aspen Planers use high air velocity to disrupt the thermal currents, which carry the dust up into hard-to-reach areas. This creates an overhead barrier, which prevents the dust from settling on overhead structures. READ FULL ARTICLE.

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