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Bandit offers more track chippers

November 25, 2010
By Bandit Industries

Bandit 2400 Track
Nov. 25, 2010, Remus, MI – Having the broad flexibility of a track chipper can pay dividends for companies large or small. That’s why Bandit Industries now offers three drum-style models to compliment three disc-style track chippers already in production.

 Bandit 2400 Track  
Bandit Industries' model 2400 Track disc-style chipper.  

Nov. 25, 2010, Remus, MI – Track-equipped
whole-tree chippers bring a tremendous level of versatility to the job site. In
cases of arduous terrain, track units are often the only option for processing
material. Even on more accessible sites, having the broad flexibility of a
track chipper can pay dividends for companies large or small, and that’s why
Bandit Industries now offers three drum-style models to compliment three
disc-style track chippers already in production. Each chipper offers several
factory options or can be custom built to suit the needs of nearly any
situation, providing exceptional levels of accessibility and convenience.

Accessibility: The obvious advantage to a
self-propelled track chipper is that it can go places a towable unit can’t
reach. This holds especially true for companies and contractors involved in
land clearing and right-of-way operations, where the terrain can range from
swampland to mountains, with roads few and far between. Even the largest Bandit
track chippers possess outstanding flotation and manoeuvrability, allowing them
to work the front lines with surprising accessibility.

Convenience: Equipped with an optional
built-in loader, Bandit track chippers can drive to the trees, feed the
material, and process it, all with a single machine. This convenience is
rivalled only by the cost savings achieved from eliminating other equipment
like loaders and skidders. Track models can also be operated by remote control,
making them an extremely convenient tool to have on the job site.

Reputation: Bandit self-propelled
whole-tree chippers use only Caterpillar undercarriages. These whole-tree
chippers also carry a five-year “GUTS” warranty covering the disc/drum and
other internal components. Bandit’s whole-tree chippers are hand-built using
top-grade materials and meticulous attention to detail and they’re backed by
excellent customer service. These elements—exceptional quality, durability, and
service—form the foundation for Bandit’s exemplary reputation.


Bandit model 1850 Track
The 1850 Track disc-style chipper is the
most compact steel-tracked whole-tree chipper in the Bandit lineup. It has an
18-inch capacity, with engine options ranging from 250 to 325 hp, and rides on
a Caterpillar 312B undercarriage.

Bandit model 1900 Track
With engine options up to 535 hp, the model
1900 Track disc-style chipper is an extremely capable machine for land clearers
or other applications requiring a good balance of power and manoeuvrability. It
uses a Caterpillar 325EL undercarriage and has a chipping capacity up to 19

Bandit model 2400 Track
Bandit’s largest disc-style track chipper
is the model 2400. It has a 24-inch capacity and uses a five-feed wheel system
to produce more than 100 tons/hour of chips. It delivers the chips through a
swivel discharge spout. It rides on a Caterpillar 325EL undercarriage and
offers engine options up to 700 hp.

Bandit model 2290 Track (new)
With a chipping capacity of 20 inches, the
model 2290 Track is Bandit’s most compact drum-style whole-tree chipper.
Depending on engine options, the 2290 uses either a Caterpillar 315L or 320L
undercarriage. Engines range from 250 to 440 hp.

Bandit model 2590 Track
Featuring a 22-inch capacity and engine
options up to 600 hp, the model 2590 is Bandit’s most popular whole-tree
chipper. It can produce as much as 55 tons/hour of chips. In track form, it
uses a Caterpillar 320L chassis. This machine is a favourite of loggers
producing biomass chips, as well as land clearing contractors.

Bandit model 3090 Track
The largest drum-style track chipper is the
model 3090. It has a capacity of 24 inches, with engine options up to 630 hp.
On a Caterpillar 325EL undercarriage, it runs with a footprint of 11
pounds/square-inch when outfitted with 800 millimetre pads. Rugged and capable,
this high-production chipper is ideally suited for companies working dense
utility or pipeline clearing.

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