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Bandit offers productivity package

July 6, 2010
By Bandit Industries

Bandit chipper
July 6, 2010 – Bandit Industries Inc. has added a productivity package for chippers and grinders to its product offering.

Bandit chipper  

July 6,
2010 – Bandit Industries Inc. has added a productivity package to its product
offering. Powered by MasterTrak, this asset management tool communicates
directly with the engine and monitors engine and equipment problems, reducing
costly, unexpected failures that affect a company’s bottom line. The
productivity package is standard on all new whole-tree chippers and horizontal
grinders and is available as an option for the stump grinder and hand-fed
chipper line. The MasterTrak Productivity Package can also be added to existing
working units.

customers have achieved substantial savings using MasterTrak’s telematics.
Remote diagnostics provided by the productivity package have demonstrated
savings by reducing breakdowns, improving preventive maintenance scheduling
based on usage, improving vehicle use rates, reducing repair costs, and
improving technician productivity.

benefits of well-timed maintenance and parts replacements not only prevent job
site machine failures, but also ensure a better price tag at resale. Beyond
this, the advantage of retaining control over every single machine every day at
every branch location is priceless.

productivity package allows for run-time reports that summarize run hours and
alarm counts, so problems can be identified quickly. An online display of
equipment condition and alarm history helps reduce unnecessary trips to the
site. Alert notifications assist in preventing equipment abuse by sending out
automated email notifications for alarms and fault codes. The GPS mapping
feature, known as ‘Bread Crumbs’, allows the machine to be tracked from job to
job, aides in theft recovery, and provides maps and driving directions for
efficient logistics.

productivity package automatically records run-time, travel logs, and other
information required by air quality agencies, saving you time and providing
accurate logs,” says Ray Eluskie, Bandit marketing manager. In addition to
accurate tracking, the package also allows for monitoring of equipment maintenance
from a remote location. “Keeping tabs on the machine is as easy as looking at
the screen, and monitoring, say, the radiator temperature,” Eluskie explains.
“You see that the engine temperature is getting too hot, so you call your guy
in the field and tell him, “Hey, check that radiator screen, the engine is

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