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BC awards $8 million for renewable energy

August 2, 2011
By BC Ministry of Energy and Mines


BC awards $ 8 million for renewable energy

Twelve new Innovative Clean Energy Fund projects will receive a total of $ 8 million from British Columbia to support the development of new clean energy technologies.

Aug. 2, 2011, Victoria – Twelve new
Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund projects will receive a total of
$8 million from British Columbia to support the development of new clean
energy technologies. The ICE Fund helps British Columbia entrepreneurs,
communities, and First Nations demonstrate the viability of their
pre-commercial clean technologies to investors and customers worldwide. These
12 entrepreneurs, communities, and First Nations will invest about $71 million
in their projects, bringing the total investment to $79 million.

Through the ICE Fund, the province supports
a broad range of technological applications, including ocean tidal and wave,
solar, geoexchange, micro-hydro, wind, bioenergy, waste use, and energy
conservation and management. To learn more about the ICE Fund, visit

ICE Fund Projects

  • ASG
    Canada Energy Inc.,
    Anahim Lake – $1 million. The project will convert waste biomass to biodiesel
    and show how communities and industry can use the excess heat and electricity
    for power.
  • Awesense
    Wireless Inc., Kelowna
    – $85,000. This project will use wireless technology to monitor power usage and
    help detect electricity theft.
  • Canadian
    International Aircraft Technologies Group Inc., Winfield – $225,000. This project will retrofit
    aircraft to replace traditional propulsion technology with electric motors and
    energy storage components.
  • Cedar
    Road LFG Inc., Nanaimo
    – $1 million. This facility, located at the Regional District of Nanaimo
    landfill, produces 1.3 MW of electricity from biogas for sale to BC Hydro. The
    project will demonstrate a solution for the storage and dispensing of biogas
    for commercial vehicles as well as a new heat recovery system that will capture
    waste heat for the district.
  • Corinex
    Communications Corp.,
    Various Locations – $1 million. This project will deploy next generation Clean
    Tech Smart MicroGrid technology to support clean energy resources and
    electricity conservation.
  • EcoSmart
    Foundation, Kimberley –
    $1 million. This will be the first B.C. installation of a grid-connected solar
    power plant on a brownfield mine site. It will also show how solar tracking
    technology can be adapted for northern climates.
  • Mavi
    Turbines Inc., Prince
    Rupert – $470,000. This project will build, deploy and monitor a commercial
    scale tidal energy converter specifically designed to serve remote communities.
  • MineSense
    Technologies Inc.,
    Princeton – $269,000. This project will demonstrate technology that provides
    ore composition information for upgrading low-grade copper ore at the mine
    prior to milling.
  • Nations
    Energy Corp., Kamloops – $1 million. This
    commercial-scale torrefaction plant will convert mountain pine beetle damaged wood
    into bio-coal fuel pellets. The pellets can be used at power stations, in
    boilers and in cement kilns as an alternative to coal.
  • Pytrade
    Canada Inc., Kitimat –
    $1 million. This project will build a fast-pyrolysis plant that will heat biomass to produce
    bio-oil, charcoal and gas. The bio-oil can be used to create electricity for
    the grid.
  • Tsay
    Keh Dene First Nation,
    Williston Lake – $81,000. This will be the first solar powered LED lighting
    system at an airfield in B.C. The system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    in this diesel-powered community.
  • Tsay
    Keh Dene First Nation –
    $1 million. This project takes wood waste from the shores of Williston Lake to produce heat
    and electricity
    this diesel reliant community. This wood waste has about as much energy as 30
    million litres of diesel.


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