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Biofire Oy delivers automated biomass boiler heating systems

March 17, 2017
By Biofire Oy

March 17, 2017 - Finnish company Biofire Oy manufactures and delivers reliable and durable fully automated biomass boiler heating systems and heating plants which are fueled by renewable bioenergy made from solid biomass.

A 700 kW biomass boiler heating system taking care of heating of Helsinki University Botanical Garden at Lammi in Southern Finland

The founder of the company is one of the pioneers in biomass burning and small scale heating plant business in Finland. He has been over 30 years in this business and it ensures that the best industry experience is used to Biofire Oy products and services supplied.

Biofire Oy is especially known for its reliable Palokärki burners, and for it that all the devices it manufactures are robust and very durable. All the products are designed for the clean and economical utilisation of many types of solid renewable biofuel. They have a good efficiency in burning, for example, wood chips, sod peat, pellets, and energy grain. In addition, the pre-cleaning waste from dried grain can also be used as fuel. The largest devices (500 kW+) are also suited for the burning of crushed recycled wood.

Biofire Oy started with top-quality Palokärki burners. Their excellent success has guided Biofire Oy’s way during the years in developing many other devices related to biofuel burning, and today, entire solid biomass as fuel using heating plants are a significant part of product range.

Biofire Oy has delivered hundreds of different sizes of heating plants during its existence.


The range includes heating plants, starting from the agricultural scale all the way to district heating plants. The power categories start from 60 kW and extend all the way to 5 MW. Even over 10 MW heating plants can be equipped with Palokärki heating systems when the amount of boilers are added to 4 or to 6.

Biofire Oy has a valid EN 303-5 approval up to 500 kW plants. This approval is obligatory in EU -markets starting from 2018.

Biofire Palokärki products have many applications. Heating systems from 60 kW up to 2 MW with hot-water heating boiler are used for example for many kind of agricultural and for other heating needs. Like for private houses, farms, large livestock barns or poultry farms. Also for heating of greenhouses, industrial halls and other buildings / properties.

Bigger systems with hot-water heating boiler (1 MW – 5 MW) are used mainly for district heating production for villages, conurbations and neighborhoods. Heavier industry uses Biofire Palokärki-systems also for process heating.

To use Biofire Palokärki -heating system with furnace (60 kW – 1600 kW) for grain drying is very common in Scandinavia. Same system can be used also for timber drying or why not for other drying purposes.

Biofire Oy products are designed for demanding Scandinavian conditions and so they suit also very well to Canada where the conditions are quite similar. Aware of this fact Biofire Oy is looking for importers to all Canadian territories. In these efforts it for example will be assisted by Finnish state export organization (FinPro). If any interest in starting co-operation with Biofire Oy, visit to website

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