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Biomass in action at DEMO 2012

June 27, 2011
By Scott Jamieson

 DEMO site  

Biomass in action at DEMO 2012
Slated for the hills just northwest of Quebec City on a 30,000-ha private lot, DEMO 2012 packs plenty of gear and action into a short, but varied loop.

DEMO site  
Conveniently confined to a 2.8 km loop, the DEMO International 2012 site still offers significant variety in species and prescriptions. The area also boasts countless lakes and streams, good fishing and hunting opportunities, and of course, easy access to Quebec City and nearby tourist attractions.


June 27, 2011 – Sometimes small is beautiful.
That certainly rings true when it comes to live logging events like DEMO
International. The more action and gear you can pack in a tight loop, the
better for everyone.

At just under 3 km, and
boasting hardwoods and softwoods, slopes and flats, the DEMO 2012 loop is
possibly the best designed yet. Located in the idyllic mixed-wood forests about
75 km northwest of Quebec City, the show is being hosted by Groupe Solifor, a
forest management company that is managing a 30,000-ha block in the area for a
private landowner. The compact loop provides a variety of forest types and will
allow for a wide range of prescriptions. Species include yellow birch, red
maple, sugar maple, balsam fir, and red spruce, in stands that range from
almost pure hardwood to pure softwood, all within a few minutes walk.

Canadian Forest Industries was on hand in mid-June for the first site selection
meeting. Vendors queue up to choose their live logging and static display
sites, with over 25 major suppliers showing up over a year in advance to start
the planning process. At the end of the day, suppliers know what forests
they’ll be working and can start organizing everything from which new machinery
to demonstrate and where to set their landings to which hotels to book for
operators and staff.


Stand conditions vary from
249 to almost 400 stems/ha and average diameters (DBH) of 14 to 23 cm.
Suppliers will be treating the 1.2- to 1.5-ha sites using everything from
modified clearcuts (Quebec’s clearcut, with protection of advanced regeneration)
and hardwood select cuts to brush cutting and seed tree final cut. In brief,
there is something for everyone. Throughout it all they are making saleable
products for Groupe Solifor’s clients, including saw logs, pulp wood, chips,
and biomass.

Other benefits of the 2012
site is the potential for parking close to the loop, the ability to create
landings closer to roadside for visitor convenience, and a climate that is
generally more pleasant in late September than some past venues further north.
Fall colours should be at peak during the event.

DEMO biomass  
A Cat loader feeds a Peterson Pacific grinder during DEMO 2008. The 2012 event will group such biomass gear together in one tight section for visitor convenience.  

As with past DEMO events, the
Canadian Woodlands Forum will host a pre-DEMO conference on the major issues
facing the industry. DEMO 2012 will also see the grouping of biomass grinders
and other biomass suppliers in one area of the show for convenience, and
several majors, including CBI, Morbark, and Peterson Pacific, have already
signed on.

DEMO 2012 International is
owned by the Canadian Woodlands Forum, hosted by Group Solifor, and managed
once again by Master Promotions.

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