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Biomass power generation in France will significantly increase pellet fuel demand: FutureMetrics

October 2, 2023
By FutureMetrics

Image: FutureMetrics

France recently announced it will convert two coal-fired power plants to biomass by 2027. A new two-page analysis and dashboard from FutureMetics shows that the potential demand for pellet fuel at the two French power generating stations – with a combined capacity of 1.8 GW – is significant.

FutureMetrics has estimated the annual demand for pellet fuel by these two plants is 4.78 million tonnes.

The analysis is straight forward. With assumptions on capacity factors, plant efficiencies, co-firing ratios, and the energy content of the pellet fuel, the annual demand can be calculated.

Dashboard users can experiment with different assumptions, and can also estimate the annual tonnages with “black” pellets.


The analysis of the impact of the French announcement and the new dashboard can be found at the FutureMetrics website.

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