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Biothermic begins bulk wood pellet delivery in Thunder Bay

May 4, 2018
By Vince Rutter

May 4, 2018 - Biothermic has announced the addition of a second bulk wood pellet delivery truck to its fleet. Garaged at the Thunder Bay office, this brand new international truck is equipped with a self contained silo, blower and on-board weighing system designed and built by Tropper of Austria.

Modern wood heating is receiving a boost in Ontario from the addition of this truck, the first of its kind in the region.

Bulk wood pellet delivery is a key component to the successful development of larger wood pellet boiler systems. Trucks like Biothermic’s provide a direct link between pellet producers and pellet consumers. The new generation of pellet boilers are completely automated and will draw their fuel from a large bulk storage room or silos leading to hands-free heating with wood.

This truck will carry 14,000 kilograms (14 tonnes) at a time, which is enough fuel to heat two homes for one year. It will be able to access bulk pellets available in Thunder Bay, Atikokan and Hearst.

The truck’s on-board weighing system is accurate to within 10 kilograms, giving it the ability to accurately deliver small loads and large loads while assuring the client with accurate billing.


Biothermic is the proud Canadian supplier of Fröling biomass boilers. Built in Austria, Fröling is a global leader in clean wood burning technology. More information about our offerings can be found at our website:

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