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Cal-Bay moves forward alternative fuel plan

Jan. 6, 2012, Las Vegas, NV - Cal-Bay International, Inc. announced that the company has finalized the company's business plan along with the future direction for the production of "Alternative Fuels & Clean Energy" from subsidiary companies.

January 6, 2012  By Cal-Bay International Inc.

Jan. 6, 2012, Las Vegas, NV – Cal-Bay International, Inc. today announced the company has finalized the process of revising the
company's real estate and land lease acquisition business plan along
with the future direction for the production of "Alternative Fuels &
Clean Energy" from subsidiary companies.

The company is moving forward with the previously planned
acquisition of an established Land Development company. Cal-Bay is in
the process of finalizing the acquisition for the purpose of acquiring
land needed for the planting and growth of "Renewable Forests." The
trees are a hollow "Hybrid" fireproof cellulose tree which grows at an
accelerated rate in almost any climate with minimal maintenance. The
trees are able to be harvested after 2 years and used as biomass for the
production of a "Syngas" which can easily be converted into "Clean
Power" (Electricity) and sold directly to the Power Companies through
the "National Grid" system, alternatively the gas can also be converted
to a form of "Aviation Fuel or Bio-Diesel Fuel." The trees immediately
start their rapid re-growth after being harvested and the cycle
continues indefinitely. The trees absorb massive intakes of Carbon
Dioxide from the air to assist with the rapid growth which benefits
Cal-Bay by way of the many "State & Federal" credits and grants
available for the reduction of Carbon Dioxide and additional "Token"
credits and grants for the production of clean energy and power. Cal-Bay
has negotiated a long term North American exclusive contract for the
"Renewable Forest" tree from the overseas founder. The company has
provision for "Franchise Contracts" within the agreement allowing rapid
expansion and planting of the "Forests" providing an accelerated revenue
stream to Cal-Bay, and increased production of feedstock for the
production of Clean Energy & Power. The company will be creating
Clean Energy and Power from alternative feedstocks during the initial
growth period.

The company will be announcing the formation of several new
wholly owned subsidiary companies which will be producing other
alternative fuels such as "Natural Gas" from waste Liquids and Landfill
waste products, along with "Solar" Energy products.

Company President Kevin Denniston stated new additions to the Board of Directors will be announced this month.


Formerly a Residential & Commercial Real-Estate acquisition
and development company, Cal-Bay now plans to continue the acquisition
of commercial real estate and land acquisitions, primarily for use by
its own subsidiary companies for the production of "Clean Energy &
Power" creating a multi-level revenue center for the company and its
Investors. More Information will be available on the company website
currently under construction, scheduled to be launched in the very near

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