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Canadian Wood Waste Recycling replaces AWWRA

December 22, 2016
By Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group

Dec. 22, 2016 - The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group (CWWR) is in operation as of the beginning of December, following the dissolution of the Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association (AWWRA).

The new company will operate as a national business group that will provide sustainable closed loop Wood waste recycling leadership, knowledge, business and industry guidance in the creation of the Canadian wood waste recycling industry and bioeconomy. According to the new company’s CEO, Jim Donaldson, all former professional practices, AWWRA membership involvement and promotional strategies are being carried forward on a national basis by the new company.

“In order to meet the demand for our specialized environmental industry business services, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group,” said Donaldson. “We will be forging beneficial partnerships to advance the Canadian Bioeconomy and wood waste recycling industry.”

In December, the CWWR held a roundtable meeting and workshop focused on Canada’s bioeconomy, involving representatives from BioAlberta, Alberta Innovates and the Alberta Provincial Agriculture and Forestry ministry. The roundtable explored market development opportunities and investment challenges facing Alberta’s bio-industrial and wood waste recycling bioeconomy, with a focus on rural Alberta communities. The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group’s next event is planned for Feb. 15, 2017.

Donaldson says goals of the first roundtable discussion and CWWR event included: providing collaborative education on business opportunities; conducting rural jurisdiction provincial wood waste material and biomass feedstock characterization studies; and engaging provincial, rural community and county governments to examine and develop wood waste recycling practices, bio-economy, economic, commercialization and markets.


“The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group, connects, educates, and empowers businesses across the country through our unified Wood waste recycling, Bioeconomy business groups resource services,” says Donaldson.

CWWR resource services include: business evaluation, start-up, return on investment speculation, introduction of technologies, operations, business management, grants funding applications, b2b sales, contacts, networking, marketing strategies, RFP’S – tenders, commercialization, industry workshops, expos, trade shows, conferences, event presentations openings, educational curriculum, advocacy, social media exposure, endorsement and industry support.

“The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group, acknowledges that our business associates are looking for greater efficiencies, exceptional performance, sales and marketing opportunities, environmental goals, landfill cost savings and economic gains on every level of the Canadian Wood waste recycling Bioeconomy,” continues Donaldson. “As an integrated, full service business group service provider the CWWR Business Group is uniquely positioned to help you succeed. We can provide high-quality national industry resource services at a much more affordable price than stand-alone business market environments.”

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