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CanBio hosting financing mission to the UK

June 14, 2012
By CanBio

June 14, 2012 - In 2011, CanBio went to the UK to probe for Canadian investment opportunities, and will be holding the mission again in 2012.

June 14, 2012 – In 2011, CanBio made a small foray into the UK investment community to probe for interest in investing in bioenergy in Canada. The response was astounding! This mini-event drew 21 investors and biomass buyers from the UK and the continent. We are returning to London!

On June 28, CanBio will host a 1-day B2B event in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy, bringing a maximum of 13 Canadian companies to London.

Companies will deliver 15-minute presentations to 20-30 investors, prospective partners and biomass buyers, followed by B2B meetings and a reception. UK investors regard Canada to be a "favoured" investment target (see agenda below).   

Registration for this event is $950. Travel is estimated at $2,900. GOA (Global Opportunities for Associations) travel support money is available: up to $2,400 for associations, $1,100 for companies.


To register please download a registration form and submit by fax or post, or click here to register online .

Participants may choose to also attend the AEBIOM conference in Brussels June 25-27, where there are additional B2B and networking opportunities. Canadians registering by May 23 get a preferred €360 AEBIOM conference registration fee instead of €500.

London Draft Agenda – Biomass Outlook and Biomass Industry in Canada

Sponsors: Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Canadian Bioenergy Association

8:20- Biomass Demand Outlook- John Bingham, Hawkins-Wright, London

8:35- Investing in Canada- Brian Parrott, Chief Trade Commissioner, London

8:45- Biomass Availability in Canada- Kendal Bradburn, Energy Analyst, Canadian Bioenergy Association

8:55 Biomass for Export- Douglas Bradley, President, Canadian Bioenergy Association

9:10- Leading Edge Forest Sustainability in Canada- Dr. Evelyne Thiffault, Canadian Forest Service

9:25- Port of Rotterdam Biomass Centre- Nicole Klaveren-Pleumeekers, Port of RotterdamBio-Economy Investment Opportunities

9:35   Wawasum Group – Jean Paul Gladu- Wawasum Group is part of the Great Northern Bioenergy  consortium of several First Nations projects in Ontario.  Wawasum Group will be contributing to a group of  3 pellet plants with a minimum production capacity of 270,000 tons with plans to expand to over 500,000 tons annually with integrated supply chains. First Nations are given priority for wood allocation in Ontario, and the wood supply is in place. The First Nation companies also have wood commitments for a sawmill and bio-cogenerating facilities that will add to the success of the pellet plants.

9:48  NovaGreen – Larry Donovan- An Alberta High-tech firm has an award-winning proprietary technology to produce Inulin and Xylitol for world markets. Inulin is a fat substitute that improves taste and texture of low-fat food products, Xylitol has been used in the dental field for 60 years to reduce up to 80% of plaque and tooth decay. NovaGreen needs $4 million equity for a commercial demo, and 24 months later $37 million per commercial plant. The IRR is estimated at 49%.
10:01-Cyclofor – D. Bradley- A Quebec company has supply agreements for 300,000 tonnes of wood (82% from the Quebec government) and purchase commitments  for $3 million in wood chip production and $6 million in white wood products. It has proprietary rights to a proven low-cost biomass compaction system resulting in a key supply chain competitive advantage. It needs $21 million equity for a 130,000 tonne torrefied wood plant, and off-take agreements for the torrefied product.
10:14- Coffee Break

10:35  Nexterra – Nexterra Systems Corp. is a recognized global leader in advanced biomass gasification energy systems. Nexterra designs and supplies biomass gasification systems for thermal and power projects. These clean high efficiency systems enable customers to generate renewable energy from a variety of available local low cost waste streams. It has six proven commercial projects in the US and Canada with two more under construction. It plans to build a high efficiency power plant in Christchurch UK using locally sourced recycled wood.   
10:48- Conifex Timber – Ken Shields- Conifex, a publicly listed forestry and sawmilling company with annual sustainable annual harvest of 1.5 million m3 from Northern Interior BC tenures, is constructing a 36MW cogen facility at one of its sawmill complexes to deliver power to BC Hydro under a 20-year contract.  Conifex wishes to explore opportunities to fully utilize its sawmill and harvest residuals to locate a second-generation pellet plant at its sawmill complexes.  The ideal JV partner would provide a portion of the capital to construct a pellet plant and be an outlet for the end product.  Conifex will supply the site infrastructure and fibre.

11:01- Symbiotic Envirotek – Stan Pancratz- This company has next-generation technology that uses waste water and heat, CO2, and other waste streams to cultivate microalgae biomass to produce renewable biofuel and other hi-demand, hi-value products. Its easily deployable photo-bioreactor modules have a competitive advantage in being able to operate globally in erratic climate conditions. The company needs $_ equity for the last research phase and $__ to set up a commercial demo plant.
11:14- Airex Energy – Sylvain Bertrand- Airex is a Quebec company with a patented new technology for biomass torrefaction. A 250 kg/hr pilot was successfully commissioned in March 2011 and many tonnes of torrefied biomass were produced and distributed to clients for testing. Airex needs $2 million equity for an $8 million 10,000 tonne/yr demonstration plant. Airex is also looking for off-take agreements for 2 commercial plants to be built with large Pulp and Paper and Wood product companies that will produce 35,000 tonnes p.a. and 100,000 tonnes p.a.
11:27- BC Bioenergy Network – Sandy Ferguson- BCBN is a not for profit organization that acts as a catalyst for bioenergy development in the province of BC by funding pilot-full-scale demonstration projects, capacity building support, and education and advocacy initiatives.   BCBN is seeking innovative, competitive projects that can be replicated in the BC environment and for export markets.  BCBN will be providing an overview of the enabling environment in BC, their portfolio, and best bioenergy opportunities in the province, with a spotlight on a couple of technology developers.
11:40- Biosource Energy – Juliet Lizon- Biosource owns a 30,000 tonne pellet plant in BC. In phase 1 it will be expanded to 60,000 tonnes. Phase 2 will be integration with a new sawmill and a cogeneration unit that will sell power to BC Hydro, with the application already in process. Biosource needs $___ equity for phase 1 and $____ equity for Phase 2.
11:53- Atlantic Fibre Resources – Kevin Dudka- A sister company to Canadian Northern Timber Group is looking for an equity partner in the construction and development of a wood pellet mill in Chandler, Quebec and expansion to Goose Bay, Labrador. The proposed projects aim to create a Greenfield wood pellet mill, producing 190,000 MT of super premium pellets annually, in the Quebec area. AFR is supported by a forestry management agreement and owns a year round ice free wharf. AFR has also acquired assets from a sawmill in the Gaspé region. Depending on market conditions in Europe, a store and bagging operation may also be required at a European port. AFR is looking for a small equity partner, $8.2 million, in a $60 million CAD project.
 12:06- Bioenergy Project #11
12:17- Bioenergy Project #12

12:30- Mustus Energy – Ross Maxwell- Mustus plans to build 6 identical $160 million power plants in Northern Alberta. It owns the necessary wood fibre, has power purchase agreements and has EPC agreements  with Lockheed Martin.  For each plant It has $52 in equity and seeks $105 million in senior debt financing. Plants will be built in the US and Asia, for which Mustus seeks both equity and debt.
12:24- Light Lunch-  Sponsored by

1:00-4:00- Business-to-business meetings

4:00- 5:30 Networking Reception- Sponsored by the Canadian High Commission in London

For a detailed meeting schedule, please see the table below:

 CanBio London Investment Schedule  

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