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Chip Energy breaks ground on new facility

July 20, 2013
By Canadian Biomass

chipenergy-groundbreakJuly 20, 2013, Goodfield, Ill. - More than 50 people attended the Chip Energy Groundbreaking Ceremony last month where they met to hear from Chip Energy president Paul Wever, IDCEO assistant director Dan Seals, and Woodford County Board chairman Stan Glazier.

project will create jobs, produce renewable energy, and create infrastructure
to give value to what is currently considered waste. Paul led tour groups
through the facility, explaining how the building is arranged vertically to
operate with a high degree of efficiency on a small plot of land.

26 forty-foot tall silos, and another 2300 cubic yards of bulk storage under
one roof, the facility can hold enough material to buffer several weeks' worth
of operation. On display were samples of several biomass fuel sources, which
the facility can use, including – wood chips, corn stover, miscanthus,
switchgrass, cherry pits, and rice husks.


More than 50 people attended the Chip Energy
Groundbreaking Ceremony last month. Photo by Chip Energy.

There were also samples of processed
fuel, which the facility will produce like wood pellets and blended biomass
briquettes. Lunch was cooked using the Stove-Pipe Stove, a Chip Energy product
which uses gasification to burn wood pellets with no smoke and low emissions.


the construction going full-steam, Chip Energy is looking forward to expanding
its recycling program, creating jobs, and bringing recognition to Goodfield.


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