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Equipment spotlight 2018: chippers and grinders

October 1, 2018
By Canadian Biomass staff

Oct. 1, 2018 - Canadian Biomass puts the spotlight on latest advancements in grinders and chippers chewing up wood on job sites across the country.

Kadant Carmanah

Like all Kadant Carmanah chippers, the 96-inch Whole Log Chipper is designed to produce high quality chips with a focus on machine longevity and simplified maintenance. The shear pin protected anvil reduces operational costs by limiting damage caused by tramp metal and rock hits. The heavy-duty base is constructed from thick steel sections to minimize flexing under heavy load and permit close knife-to-anvil clearances. Kadant Carmanah’s 96-inch Whole Log Chipper can easily be adapted to produce either standard pulp chips or micro-chips as small as 1/4 inch for use in the biomass/pellet industry.

The most productive portable drum chipper in the industry has become even better. The Morbark 50/48X Whole Tree Drum Chipper was updated to a similar design layout as Morbark’s other industry-leading industrial drum chippers with a sloped infeed, reverse-pivot top feed wheel, bottom feedwheel, externally adjustable anvil and Advantage 3 drum assembly that can come as 10-knives for fuel chip or 20-knives for micro-chip applications. Making it easier for customers to perform routine daily maintenance and increasing performance and production guided the new improvements, which include large work platforms, an enhanced hydraulic system and an enlarged top feedwheel.


Acrowood has long been known as a chipper manufacturer.  From 42-inch diameter disc Rechippers to 175-inch diameter whole log chippers, Acrowood and our predecessors Black Clawson and Sumner Iron Works have supplied chippers and forest products equipment for over 100 years. Since the 1960’s, our slant disc chippers have seen wide spread acceptance and use in waste wood chipping applications. In recent years, there has been increasing utilization of smaller diameter stems. The Acrowood Slant Disc has also proven a great choice in for chipping these small diameter stems. Delivering high quality chips for both pulp mill and pellet mill.


The Andritz BioCrusher BSX is designed for high capacity crushing of bark and breakage from the log debarking process, including difficult-to-handle wood species like eucalyptus and acacia. These wood species, as well as the easier ones like pine, spruce, and birch are crushed into uniform, optimized particle sizes. The BioCrusher BSX spreads the material efficiently, thus utilizing its full width for the crushing action. This results in efficient plug-free operation, with more even wear and tear on the crusher knives, resulting in higher availability lower cost of maintenance.



USNR’s Wastewood Chipper is a powerhouse that comes in four sizes and three configurations, handling logs from 11- to 22-inch diameters. Basic horizontal feeding needs no special installation layout, while gravity feeding handles high volumes. The J-spout design has a higher capacity typically fed by a vibrating conveyor. All models accommodate bottom, rear, and top discharge. The helical knives of USNR’s Norman Chipper slice uniform chips instead of scraping them from the stock, thus eliminating sawdust, slivers, and oversize split ends. Handles logs from 8.25- to 22-inch diameters.

The CBI Magnum Force 6800CT Horizontal Grinder has been engineered to surpass every horizontal grinder that came before it. Improving on the 6800BT’s revolutionary design, the 6800CT has a 15 per cent larger screening area, wrapping more than 190 degrees around the rotor, allowing production rates to surge beyond 200 tons an hour. Supported by a larger shaft and bearings and an optional 1,200-hp CAT C32, the engine powers the forged drum rotor through the toughest materials. The design of CBI’s offset helix rotor minimizes energy loss from each strike and distributes material evenly across the 24 hammers, requiring less power while out producing the competition.

Stringer Industries
Stringer Industries manufacturers its own line of waste wood chippers and waste-reduction hogs that are designed and built to improve a mill’s bottom line. The Stringer chippers are available in a 48-, 60-, and 70-inch disc. Not only do they have a maximized throat size to handle large slabs, but they also have a cutting action that utilizes the entire knife. The Stringer chipper comes standard with the following features: Easy-Change Clamping System that allows the knives to be changed by one employee; NCK Holders that eliminate the need for counter-knives; Helical Wear Plates that draw wood up the side of the spout. The Stringer hogs are built for dependability and ease of maintenance. The hammers are available with replaceable, carbide-welded tips. Sizes range from a 12-inch opening to a 54-inch opening.



W.H.O. Manufacturing Company
W.H.O. Manufacturing Company designed and patented the first tub grinder in 1947. The company is celebrating its 71st year of producing these grinders for different markets over these many years. W.H.O. Mfg.CO.’s wood grinder units are the most efficient processors of waste wood in cost of cubic yards processed verses cost of operation. Over the years, W.H.O. Mfg.CO. has constantly improved its grinders with focus on increased production and durability with ease of maintenance. With over 70 years of experience, no other manufacturer has the knowledge in designing and producing tub grinders for processing waste wood.



HogZilla Monster grinders are built extra-heavy duty in sizes ranging from mid-sized to massive and can be configured as stationary, fifth-wheel portable, track mounted, or with a mounted grapple. Twenty standard models with numerous options are available, providing the most durable, most reliable and efficient, diesel or electric powered, high capacity tub or horizontal grinder in the industry with proven production. HogZilla grinders are for waste reduction, recycling, land clearing, construction demolition or any other tough grinding application.  From stumps and logs to railroad ties or tires, HogZilla can handle the toughest jobs and can provide the highest production rates.



The Brunette Whole-Log Micro-Chipper is a horizontal-feed chipper that can process up to a 24-inch diameter log and produce micro-chips consistent in thickness and size. A powered feedworks controls the feed of single logs, or multiple stems and branches. With a 40-inch wide throat it can process a variety of materials with ease. It features a hard surfaced anvil with a break-away support frame for protection from foreign materials. The rear access platform makes knife maintenance simple and safe. The chipper includes a common sub-frame for a single lift installation. Take control of your chip supply with the Brunette Whole-Log Micro-Chipper.

Diamond Z
As a pioneer in the wood grinding industry, Diamond Z has established a global reputation for manufacturing the highest quality, most durable, easy to service, and most productive industrial grinders available. At the cornerstone of the industry, our innovative, state-of-the-art grinders ensure to be the most cost effective and profitable for our customers. Diamond Z offers a broad range of tub, horizontal, and solid waste grinder models designed to suit any application. From composting to construction and demolition, land clearing to tire disposal, municipal solid waste to asphalt shingle grinding, nothing out grinds the Diamond Z.

The Rotochopper B-66 is packed with exclusive features like the patented screen change system, optional KeyKnife chipper package and track and dolly system to make it a highly versatile horizontal grinder. Our patented screen change system lets you change screens at ground level with no specialized equipment required. The KeyKnife chipper package makes it quick and easy to switch from grinding to chipping by swapping out the grinder tooth mounts with knife mounts. Our Track & Dolly system switches from road travel on tires to site navigation on tracks in minutes. The Rotochopper B-66 simplifies high-volume grinding with exclusive features designed to maximize uptime and end product control.

Vermeer Canada has 10 full-service locations providing equipment solutions geared towards the forestry industry that includes: horizontal and tub grinders, forestry mulcher, whole tree chippers, stump cutters, skid steers and more while also providing product support, parts and in-shop and mobile service. Vermeer provides equipment solutions customers need to turn wood waste into a useful product. The new Vermeer BC1500 Gas Brush Chipper is powered by a PSI 5.7L 89-HP gas engine. The chipper has an infeed 15 by 20 inches, dual horizontal rollers, Vermeer SmartFeed System, and an optional winch.

WSM’s Biomass Super Shredder delivers reduced fibre costs, simplified fibre preparation, and reduced operating costs by processing of a wide range of incoming green feedstock for improved drying and sizing for pellet manufacturing. The massive Super Shredder supplies high capacity and high speed milling of green fibre at rates from 10 to 75 tons per hour (tph). Maintenance friendly features include modular and adjustable tooling with either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable inserts; large screen area with modular sizing screens to allow adjustment to product sizing; and heavy duty housing with interior wear liners and pivoting case access for long life and ease of maintenance.

Converting the many kinds of waste products in sawmills into a saleable product can be a chip quality headache. The BRUKS Drum Chipper is the best solution, proven in thousands of installations, worldwide. From pulp chips to microchips, playground chips and more, the BRUKS Drum Chipper can be configured to produce the best possible product from most any feedstock.

Rawlings delivers wood grinding equipment with a reputation for durability, performance and reliability. Since 1976 Rawlings Manufacturing Inc. has been manufacturing and installing custom wood grinding systems. The team designs each system specific to the customers operation and specification. Add a wide variety of available options such as belt, chain, vibrating in-feed and out-feed conveyors, metal, protection, product screening, and you’ve got the flexibility to customize the perfect wood grinding system.

Powered by a Tier II or Tier IV Caterpillar C27 1,050 hp engine, or an optional Tier II or Tier IV 1125 hp C32 engine, the 5700D Horizontal Grinder provides the highest power to weight ratio of any Peterson grinder. At 82,000 pounds, the 5700D is designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs. With a feed opening of 60 x 40 inches combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll, the 5700D can readily reduce a wide range of material including stumps. Peterson’s three-stage grinding process with an up turning rotor and large grate area enables the 5700D to produce materials to exact specifications.


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