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Clean Energy Fuels announces new RNG contracts, dairy development projects

April 14, 2022
By Clean Energy Fuels

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced it continues to meet the growing demand for renewable natural gas (RNG), a sustainable transportation fuel made from organic waste, with new fueling contracts, infrastructure expansions, and RNG production projects.

“More fleets are finding RNG to be the most easy and cost-effective way to achieve significant carbon reductions,” said Chad Lindholm, Clean Energy’s senior vice-president for sales. “As we continue to see growing demand for RNG, we’re working on the production side so that more customers can turn their sustainability goals into reality.”

LA County Metro has renewed its maintenance agreement with Clean Energy for six stations that will power 1,417 transit buses with an expected 137 million gallons of RNG for the length of the contract.

Estes Express Lines, the nation’s largest privately-owned freight transportation carrier, is deploying an additional 100 natural gas trucks that will fuel with an expected three million gallons of fuel in California and Texas.


The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts has entered into a contract with Clean Energy to construct a new public access fueling station in Carson, CA. The contract also includes maintenance services, and a fueling agreement for RNG. When the station is complete it will power regional trucks, transit buses and refuse trucks with an anticipated 10 million gallons of RNG over the contract term.

Offering services that are a vital part of San Diego’s regional transportation network, North County Transit District (NCTD) has extended its RNG supply agreement with Clean Energy to operate its fleet of 143 buses with an expected 8.2 million gallons of RNG.

One of the most environmentally conscious cities in the country, Santa Monica, CA has extended its RNG fueling agreement with Clean Energy for an expected two million gallons of RNG to power 200 municipal buses.

The Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) in the Yucca Valley region of California has signed a RNG supply agreement for an anticipated 750,000 gallons of RNG to power 24 transit buses.

Gold Coast Transit District in Oxnard, Calif., has signed a maintenance contract for a station that fuels 54 transit buses with an estimated 725,000 gallons of RNG.

Custom Lumber Designs, a freight company in Corona, Calif., has signed a fueling agreement for 240,000 gallons of RNG to power its heavy-duty trucks.

The City of Tempe in Arizona has extended its maintenance agreement with Clean Energy. The station fuels 250 transit buses with an expected 15 million gallons of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel over the contract term.

MJ Transport Logistics, a trucking company in Falls Creek, Penn., was awarded the new Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority transfer hauling contract fueling approximately 1.6 million of CNG to power eight new natural gas trucks over the contract term.

Suburban Disposal, a refuse company in Spencerport, N.Y., has signed a maintenance contract with Clean Energy for an expected 700,000 gallons of fuel to power 37 refuse trucks.

Silvi Concrete, a ready mix company in Downingtown, Penn., has signed maintenance contract for a station that Clean Energy constructed five years ago. The station houses 20 natural gas trucks that fuel with an estimated 500,000 gallons of CNG.

Long time Clean Energy customer Saddle Creek Logistic Services in Lakeland, FL has signed a maintenance agreement with Clean Energy. The supply chain solutions company is adding 13 new natural gas trucks to its fleet that will fuel with an expected 350,000 gallons of CNG.

The Town of Oyster Bay, N.Y., has signed a maintenance contract for its refuse fleet which fuels with an anticipated 100,000 gallons of CNG for 10 vehicles.

Stark Area Regional Transit Authority in Canton, Ohio, has signed an agreement with Clean Energy for a significant station expansion project to accommodate additional CNG transit buses being added to its fleet.

In Canada, Hiller Truck Tech, a heavy-duty truck repair service, has signed a fueling agreement for an estimated 150,000 gallons of CNG to power 20 trucks.

RNG supply advances

Clean Energy continues to make significant investments in the production of additional RNG sources and has partnered with two of the most sustainability-committed global energy companies, TotalEnergies and bp, to sign partnerships with dairy owners around the country.

The first of these projects was Del Rio Dairy in Friona, Texas, where in late 2021 Clean Energy broke ground on construction for a digester that is anticipated to turn the manure from 7,500 milking cows into more than a million gallons of RNG a year. The project continues to progress, and digester tanks have been erected on the property.

At Millenkamp Dairy in Idaho, engineering and procurement are being finalized, and construction of the front-end manure handling facility is underway.

Construction has started at dairy farms Marshall Ridge, Drumgoon and Victory, located in South Dakota and Iowa. With more than 30,000 cows, these dairies have the estimated potential to convert the methane produced from waste into more than seven million gallons of RNG annually.

Clean Energy has also started a digester project with South Fork Dairy in Hart County, Texas. When complete, the project will produce an anticipated 2.9 million gallons of RNG.

Additionally, Clean Energy has acquired manure rights for its first swine project at the O’Bryan Grain Farms in Owenboro, Ken.

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