Biochar Solutions Canada formed

November 29, 2011
Nov. 29, 2011, Edmonton, AB - Biochar Solutions Inc, a Colorado Corporation, and Carbon Basis Company, an Alberta Corporation, today announced the formation of Biochar Solutions Canada Ltd.

Biochar Solutions Canada will work to deploy carbon negative technologies to restore disturbed soils in the Canadian agriculture and mining sectors.

“We are happy to formally begin our work in Canada with our friends at The Carbon Basis Company”, says Morgan Williams, CEO of Biochar Solutions Inc USA. “Western Canada faces massive carbon challenges ranging from standing dead timber from beetle kill in British Columbia, to the carbon emissions associated with mining and oil sands development. Our biochar technologies offer nexus solutions to begin addressing forestry, climate, and land reclamation challenges simultaneously.”

“Strategically positioned in Drayton Valley, Biochar Solutions Canada Ltd is located at the intersection of the Alberta forest products and land reclamation industries,” says Len Eddy President of The Carbon Basis Company and Managing Director of Biochar Solutions Canada. “The opportunity to fuse these two industries in this location couldn’t be more logical.”

The Biochar Solution – Turning Low Value Biomass to High Value Products

The biochar process is carbon negative: it removes net carbon from the atmosphere. When a green plant grows, it takes CO2 out of the air to build biomass. All of the carbon in the plant came from CO2 taken out of the air, and returns to the air when the plant dies and decomposes. When the biomass is instead pyrolyzed —heated in the absence of oxygen—it produces stable carbon, which is called biochar when it is buried in the ground. Roughly 50% of the total carbon from the biomass is retained in biochar and sequestered in the soil for thousands of years, effectively removing that carbon from the atmosphere.

The Virgin Earth Challenge – The Quest for 1 Billion Tons

Biochar Solutions Inc was recently selected as a Global Pioneer in the Virgin Earth Challenge, a competition conceived by British business visionary Sir Richard Branson, who put up $25 million for the entity that can demonstrate a commercially viable means of permanently removing greenhouse gases — namely carbon dioxide — from the Earth's atmosphere. The announcement was made at last months Inaugural Clean Energy Congress in Calgary.

“Biochar Solutions is extremely excited to be working with Virgin to bring biochar to the global mainstream,” Says Williams. “Biochar Solutions Canada will work to make biochar development in Alberta globally significant with Virgins help.”

About Biochar Solutions Inc

Biochar Solutions Inc produces and sells biochar and custom blended biochar products, provides commercial research and development support, conducts carbon negative field-­‐scale restoration work, and deploys continuous process industrial equipment to convert forest residues into biochar and bioenergy.

Through our subsidiary company, Biochar Reclamation Labs, we work to develop, test, and deploy, scaled technologies to restore drastically disturbed soils in the agriculture and mining sectors. Our technologies serve to re-­‐balance the active and recalcitrant soil carbon pools of landscapes with poor soil structure, limited water retention, unbalanced pH, metal toxicity, trace pollutants, and stagnant biological activity.

About The Carbon Basis Company Ltd.

The Carbon Basis Company Ltd With over 400,000 hectares of land under long-­‐term management, The Carbon Basis Company Ltd. employs world-­‐leading experts to help our clients to commercialize the benefits that are created through exceptional ecosystem management. With expertise in forestry, agriculture and biomass power we work with local resource managers to ensure that you fully capture the entire spectrum of commercial values that are created when environmental benefits extend beyond the local level.

We can act locally to help reduce climate change by modifying forestry and agricultural practices to increase carbon sequestration and reduce methane emissions. Even greater value creation is possible when local sources of biomass are used to create green energy sources and to reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

About the Virgin Earth Challenge

Launched by Sir Richard Branson in February 2007, The Virgin Earth Challenge is a competition offering a $25 million prize to whoever can demonstrate a commercially viable design which results in the permanent removal of greenhouse gases out of the Earth's atmosphere, so as to contribute materially to avoid global warming. Ideas are assessed by a panel of judges including Richard Branson, Al Gore, James E. Hansen, James Lovelock and Tim Flannery.

As of October 2011, the leading organizations in the Earth Challenge are: Biochar Solutions, from the US; Biorecro, from Sweden; Black Carbon, from Denmark; Carbon Engineering, from Canada; Climeworks, from Switzerland; Coaway, from the US; Full Circle Biochar, from the US; Global Thermostat, from the US; Kilimanjaro Energy, from the US, the Savory Institute, from the US and Smart Stones from the Netherlands.

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