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Cutting the costs of producing hydrogen

May 25, 2021
By Clean Power Capital Corp.

Clean Power Capital has announced details that its PowerTap engineering solutions is implementing to cut the cost of producing a kilogram of hydrogen with its Gen3 unit.

PowerTap is reducing costs in the areas of input costs and the maintenance/downtime of the PowerTap Gen3 through innovative technology and engineering methods. The input costs include electricity, renewable natural gas (RNG) and water.

The design features PowerTap uses to reduce the consumption of renewable natural gas include utilizing excess CO2 to purge the system on startup in place of natural gas or nitrogen; increasing the reactor’s natural gas input pressure by utilizing specialized rotary displacement pumps; and recycling exhaust gas and uncaptured hydrogen from the pressure swing absorption (PSA) towers, reducing the amount of RNG needed to heat the reactor’s burners.


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