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Decc to encourage wetland biomass use

August 22, 2012
By Argus Media

August 22, 2012, London, UK — The UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) is considering running a project to encourage the use of wetland biomass as bioenergy feedstock.

Land management produces large quantities of waste biomass such as reeds, rushes, grasses and fen that are either burned or left to decompose, according to Decc.

The initiative, to be launched in collaboration with UK wetland managers, would reward projects creating a bioenergy system that optimizes both existing wetland management and the use of waste biomass.

“By developing an efficient process for harvesting and [converting] biomass arisings into bioenergy, [we] aim to address the requirement for increased provision of sustainable bioenergy feedstocks, whilst avoiding conflicts with land use change and food production activities,” Decc said.

Decc is gauging the industry and academics' interest for the competition as well as looking at the markets' ability to offer such initiatives.


Organizations have until 20 September to answer and help shape the requirements.

Please visit or more information.

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