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Demonstration project aims at converting organic waste into bioplastics

July 30, 2021
By Canadian Biomass


A demonstration project in Drumbo, Ont. aims to convert organic waste into bioplastics.

The project has received $6 million in funding from Next Generation Manufacturing Canada. Project leader is biotechnology firm Genecis Bioindustries Inc. of Toronto. The site of the project is London-based StormFisher’s organic waste processing facility in Drumbo, near Kitchener.

Genecis will be using microbes as well as a fermentation process as a means of upcycling organic waste. StormFisher’s organic waste processing facilities produce renewable natural gas as well as organic-based fertilizers.

The bioplastics produced in the demonstration project will serve as biodegradable alternatives to petroleum plastics for such uses as packaging and medical plastics.