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Drax CEO addresses ‘inaccurate’ claims about biomass sourcing in B.C.

October 7, 2022
By Canadian Biomass staff

Will Gardiner. Photo: Drax.

Drax Group CEO Will Gardiner has released a statement that directly responds to claims made in the media this week about their biomass sourcing from Canada.

Acknowledging that not all biomass is sustainable and renewable, Gardiner said that when sourced correctly, wood pellets deliver positive outcomes for the climate, nature and communities.

This week both BBC and the CBC released stories that criticize Drax’s biomass sourcing, specifically in B.C.

“This week, we have seen inaccurate statements about Drax that have focused primarily on the views of a vocal minority who oppose biomass,” Gardiner said. “Many of these claims have sought to repeat the inaccurate views about biomass, which have for years been promoted by those who are ill-informed about the science behind sustainable forestry and climate change, and those who have vested interests in seeing the biomass industry fail. Given the severity of the false claims made, I wanted to directly address some of the issues.”


Read the full statement here.

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