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E-commerce service launches for biomass

November 15, 2016
By MHG Systems

Nov. 15, 2016 - A novel e-commerce Service, Wuudis, was published during Metsämessut 2016 fair in Helsinki, Finland by developers MHG Systems and Wuudis Ltd. Trough the Wuudis Service forest owners are now able to tender care works, biomass and timber comfortably on home sofa. Wuudis is a unique Service world wide.

Wuudis is a Service developed by Finnish IT providers MHG System and its spinn-off company Wuudis Ltd.. Through the Wuudis Service forest owners are able to manage their forestries and forest information safely in one place. The service enables a convenient way to network and ask deals from contracting companies providing forestry operation services and timber and biomass buyers making forestry management and timber sales easier and more profitable. For contracting companies the Service allows a direct connection with forest owners. After gaining trust, contractors and buyers can have an access to owner´s forest information. Multiple tools of the Wuudis Service bring a unique customer experience for the both parties.

“Practically in the future we will transfer forest management completely into electronic form. As the age structure of forest owners is changing and the forest business becoming more digital, it is vitally important to invest into digital services that make forest management easier for owners. As well contracting companies have to focus on improving customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition by using digital services”, says Tomi Järvinen, CEO of Wuudis Ltd.

A genuine invitation to tender always brings additional income to forest owner. Timber sales volumes can be increased through group sales valuable timber assortments to the market while attracting more specified timber and biomass buyers. Even small timber volumes can be sold as a part of a bigger deal thanks to group sales. The Wuudis e-commerce Service tenders all the players county by county with no more than a couple of clicks. The use of Wuudis Service is free of charge for forest owners. A reasonable commission fee from the deal is always paid by the winnig bid.

To become a user of Wuudis all you have to do is fill up a form at www.metsä Wuudis has just started piloting of the e-commerce Service with contracting companies, timber and biomass buyers and forest owners. During the pilot ending next spring functionality of the service will be tested and developed based on end-users feedback.

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Wuudis is a unique commercial service for forest owners and forest service companies enabling forestry and forest resource management in one place. Wuudis Service turns a new page in the history of Finnish and global forestry. Through the novel e-commerce Service forest owners are able to order and bid forest care works as well as tender wood and biomass for sales – comfortably on home sofa.

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