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Why humidity measurements are crucial in harnessing the true power of biogas
From anaerobic and microbial digestion to biogas collection and impurity removal, humidity management in the process is vital to ensure efficiency and sustainability at every stage of biogas production.

Discover the pioneering in-situ measurement technology that ensures maximum project efficiency and profitability across your biogas process by continuously monitoring for humidity, methane, and carbon dioxide. Click below to gain insight into how Vaisala’s biogas production solutions help reduce operational costs, conserve energy and mitigate environmental impacts.
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Expert Webinar: Humidity issues in biogas production
Key Topics
  • Implications of high humidity levels
  • Controlling humidity in biomethane/RNG production
  • The cost of humidity for the plant operator
  • Strategies for optimizing humidity levels
  • Real-life lessons learned from around the world
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