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Kensington mayor blames province for loss of $150M plant, 30 jobs

The mayor of Kensington is frustrated that a $150-million renewable diesel plant proposed for the town’s industrial park will not happen, and he is blaming the provincial government.

Pellet fuel essential to decarbonization goals

There are many metrics showing that fossil fuel CO2 emissions are causing rapid changes in environmental variables, and the earth’s systems are unable to fully recycle CO2 emitted.  

U.K. government approves planning application for BECCS at Drax Power Station

The U.K. Secretary of State has approved the Development Consent Order for Drax Power Limited’s plans to convert two of its biomass units to the carbon removals technology bioenergy with carbon capture and storage.


Biomass to Power: Economic viability and biomass potential

An excerpt from the ecoprog Biomass to Power world market report reveals key economic factors informing the viability of the industry, stating that, in general, the two most important factors for the economic viability of a biomass to power project are the biomass fuel availability and the subsidies available in the country. » Read More...

U.K. approves Drax’s bioenergy with carbon capture project

The U.K. government approved Drax’s bioenergy with ‘carbon capture and storage‘ project, despite opposition. » Read More...

Company scraps plan for biomass fuel plant in Kensington

The Town of Kensington is frustrated about losing out on a $150 million project which would have brought a woodchips-to-renewable diesel plant to the community. » Read More...

Monitoring burner skin temperature key to predicting refractory failure

Shaw Renewables has created a monitoring system and process to improve the reliability of burner refractory which is critical for energy efficiency and performance, as well as for the safety and integrity of the burner. » Read More...

Another look 

Guarding by Location: Danger and compliance

The global leader in conveyor safety is disputing the idea that putting conveyor equipment out of reach or inconveniently placed away from workers – known as “guarding by location” – is a valid form of safety. Experts have witnessed where guarding by location has led to a lapse in workplace safety, resulting in injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. » Read More...


Bio360 Expo 2024

Jan. 24-25, 2024 | Nantes, Fance »

European Pellet Conference 

March 6, 2024 | Wels, Austria »