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MOU signed to develop 'bioship' technology to construct world's first biomass-fuelled ship

Plans are coming together to build the world's first biomass-fuelled ship. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by Japanese companies NYK Line, NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers, Tsuneishi Shipbuilding, and British renewable energy business Drax Group.

From industrial decline to biomass boom: Belledune Port’s sustainable transformation

As the tide of global energy shifts, New Brunswick’s Belledune Port Authority (BPA) has captured Honourable Mention for Community Project of the Year as part of the 2024 Canadian Biomass Awards. The Port of Belledune, under the stewardship of president and CEO Denis Caron, has emerged as Eastern Canada’s premier exporter of biomass, recording a sixth consecutive year of growth in wood pellet volume.

Bioheat transformation in Fort Simpson, N.W.T., garners top 2024 Canadian Biomass Award

In the small, remote village of Fort Simpson, nestled at the confluence of the McKenzie and Liard Rivers in the Northwest Territories, an innovative approach to sustainable energy has improved their infrastructure — and earned them national recognition.

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Prodesa, your local partner for your pellet plant aftermarket needs

From our service center in Atlanta (GA), Prodesa’s team has the ability to supply dies, roll shells, bearings and other components for all types of pellet mills ensuring continuous operation.

Prodesa’s parts management service covers numerous brands and guarantees quick delivery thanks to the Company’s workshops network, which helps in optimizing logistics.

Based on our in-house production and high quality technology procedures, manufacturing is based on our precise inspection and testing to ensure a high standard of quality.

Prodesa proven solutions for your aftermarket needs: a result of several decades of direct experience in the biomass field designing, constructing and commissioning pellet plants. » Learn more

New study shows potential of mixing woody biomass sources in a hammermill

Research completed in cooperation between the Wood Pellet Association of Canada and UBC’s Biomass and Bioenergy Research Group found that hammer milling a heterogenous mix of feedstock consisting of unground forest residue, unground sawdust, ground forest residue and ground sawdust is possible without any loss of productivity. » Read More...

Infinite opportunities: Calgary biofuels player’s patented tech is both feedstock and product agnostic

If asked for the elevator pitch, Scott Treadwell, president of Calgary-based SixRing, will say they are offering infinite optionality on the inputs and outputs of their biomass technology, a rare feat in the industry. SixRing has been operating under the radar for many years now while quietly developing more than 40 patent families (filing some in over 130 countries), scaling the technology and optimizing the downstream refining and associated end products to ensure commercial viability prior to entering the market. » Read More...
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Control Moisture Levels Directly on the Production Line with Ease

Many biomass materials are produced as byproducts, residues or wastes from some other process, operation or industry. Moisture content within these materials is a crucial step in the production process as it can immediately affect energy usage, plant efficiency and quality of the final product. Our diamond standard moisture sensors connect directly to a PLC to create a closed loop system!
» Learn More

Holland America Line begins pilot test of renewable fuels on its flagship vessel Rotterdam

A major cruise ship operator has started a long-term biofuel test. Holland America Line is running the test on its flagship vessel, Rotterdam, using what it called "100 per cent low carbon intensity biofuel" while sailing within the Norwegian World Heritage Fjords. » Read More...

Quesnel, B.C., issued BDO Zone 'A' rating for woody biomass

“As British Columbia’s first ‘A’ rating, the Quesnel BDO Zone is capitalizing on an opportunity to transform their presently underutilized forest residue resources into a meaningful expansion of the value-added wood products industry," said Jordan Solomon, Chairman of the BDO Zone Initiative. » Read More...

Carbon-14 testing can measure biogenic versus fossil carbon in hydrocarbon and fuel gases: Lab

A testing laboratory in the United States is putting a spotlight on biogenic testing. With environmental sustainability top of mind, Carbon-14 testing is recognized as a key method for assessing the biogenic content of gases, according to Beta Analytic. » Read More...

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Fire prevention strategies in biomass pellet production and use

As the world continues to strive to find ways to combat climate change, the methods and fuels used for power and heat generation remain strongly in focus. The energy sector is shifting towards creating a decarbonized and sustainable infrastructure. One method of achieving this goal is the use of biomass pellets as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels. » Read More...


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