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Welcome to Dust Safety Week 2023!

For five days, our forestry publications – Canadian Biomass, CFI and Pulp & Paper Canada – are focused on best practices, technical information and solutions for keeping forest products operations and operators safe.

How to mitigate dust explosion hazards in the pulp and paper industry

Luc Cormier explains why the best way to assess explosion hazards and ensure adequate safeguards are in place is to perform a dust hazard analysis.

5 steps to enhance safety of direct-heated belt dryers

Fahimeh Yazdan Panah, director of research for the Wood Pellet Association of Canada, shares five steps operators and workers can take to enhance safety of direct-heated belt dryers.

Deciphering the dust hazards analysis

Jeramy Slaunwhite, senior explosion safety engineer with Rembe, explains the what, why, when, where and how of dust hazard analysis in facilities that deal with combustible particulate.

Need to vent? Talk to an expert

Biomass Engineering & Equipment's Joel E. Dulin shares practical advice on conveyor explosion venting.


Safety share: wood hogger fires and deflagrations at sawmills

DustEx Research's Chris Cloney reviews the incidents that inspired a BC Forest Safety Council and Manufacturing Advisory Group (MAG) safety alert about a smouldering fire in a hogging machine, along with the subsequent investigation and safety recommendations from WorkSafeBC. » Read More...

Explosion protection solutions in powder-handling processes

Fike explosion protection global product manager Jim Vingerhoets explains how reliable protection systems – either passive or active – can mitigate the potential catastrophic consequences of a dust explosion. » Read More...

Equipment spotlight: dust safety 2022

A look at our 2022 roundup of dust collection and suppression equipment available for forestry operations. » Read More...

Focus on deflagration isolation can lead to safer operations: webinar

A webinar organized by the WPAC Safety Committee sought to enhance the ability of management and decision makers to effectively consider key areas of focus for deflagration isolation in wood pellet production. » Read More...

Stop high-pressure compressed air dust cleaning in your mill

John Bachynski with EPM Consulting explains why using high-pressure compressed air to blow down dust from elevated surfaces during cleanup is the easiest way to blowup your wood manufacturing facility. » Read More...


Biofuels Week

Oct. 16-20, 2023 | Online »