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Thunder Bay, Ont., arborist advocates for biomass energy to mitigate climate-induced forest risks

An arborist and forester is noticing the growing risks resulting from the changing climate, drought and insect infestation and their impact on forest conditions.

Cost of 'renewable' propane so far unknown: Canadian Propane Association

Developing technology may make a popular heating fuel used by farmers and rural residents better for the environment, but the price could remain a flash point at least in the short term.

Proposed U.S. legislation aims to power electric cars with renewable electricity from forest byproducts

This legislation would allow facilities generating renewable electricity from forest biomass like woodchips or sawdust to "finally" participate in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, which forces fossil fuel companies to subsidize alternative energy.

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Concept Air - Safety devices to prevent damage from spark, fire or explosion

Protecting yourself against the risk of fire is essential. Always on the lookout for changes in fire safety, Concept-air offers spark detection, fire and explosion protection equipment, installation and inspection services.

Our comprehension of the current health and workplace safety standards represents an important advantage in the manufacturing of our spark, fire and explosion protection products.

At Concept-air, you have access to outstanding equipment such as: spark detectors, explosion vents, explosion isolation valves, high speed abort gates, etc.

U.S. could sustainably triple biomass production to more than one billion tons annually: DOE

The United States could sustainably triple its production of biomass to more than one billion tons per year, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). » Read More...

B.C. starts prep for wildfire season 'earlier than ever': Minister

British Columbia is starting its preparation for wildfires "earlier than ever," according to Bowinn Ma, the province's Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness. » Read More...

Fink Machine 'simplifies' supply chain, sources biomass boilers directly from Mawera

Fink Machine said it has "simplified" its supply chain in an effort to reduce its costs. It will now be sourcing biomass boilers directly from European Manufacturer Mawera Holzfeuerungsanlagen GmbH, it said in a press release. » Read More...

CHAR Tech, Lake Nipigon Forest Management sign partnership agreement

CHAR Tech has formalized a partnership agreement with the First Nations co-operative Lake Nipigon Forest Management Inc. (LNFMI), marking what it called a "a significant milestone for both parties as they advance forestry sustainability programs in Northern Ontario." » Read More...


Sharing expertise to prevent fires and explosions in silo operations in Japan

In December 2023, more than 70 participants met in Tokyo for a full-day workshop—Safer Biomass Handling and Silo Operations: Preventing Fires and Explosions. » Read More...

Implementing process safety principles to reduce combustible dust risks

WorkSafeBC will be working with mills in the wood manufacturing industry, and focusing on processes where dust is generated, stored, or moved through conveyance systems. » Read More...

Protecting the biomass process from fires and explosions

“You know you are making fuel, right?” This is a question I often found myself asking as new wood pellet and biomass plants started sprouting up all over the United States and Canada. I didn’t say this to be rude, but to point out potential combustible dust and ignition issues. » Read More...