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Leaders eye possibility of wood pellet heating system for community of Wekweètı̀, N.W.T.

The senior administrative officer of Wekweètì, N.W.T., says his community is mulling over the possibility of switching to wood biomass as a way to heat homes.

Drax plans carbon removal business as auditor airs biomass sustainability concerns

DRAX is launching a new business focused on building power plants that burn biomass, capture the emissions, and then sell the resulting carbon removal credits.

EIA: Biomass power capacity to hold steady in 2024 and 2025

The U.S. Energy Information Administration currently expects renewables to account for 24 per cent of U.S. electricity generation in 2024, increasing to 26 per cent in 2025, according to the agency’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook.


Sharing expertise to prevent fires and explosions in silo operations in Japan

Dec. 2023, more than 70 participants met in Tokyo for a full-day workshop. Participants included operators, engineers and maintenance personnel from electric power stations, global wood pellet producers, and more. Conducted in English and Japanese, the workshop was hosted by WPAC, FutureMetrics, and Canadian Biomass. Read for more. » Read More...

EPA underestimated U.S. biodiesel production

Biofuel promoters are feeling simultaneously vindicated and frustrated by new numbers released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Those numbers show U.S. biomass-based diesel production reached four billion gallons in 2023. » Read More...

Peel Ports Logistics agrees deal for Drax biomass imports

Peel Ports Logistics has entered into an agreement to serve as the shipping agency service provider for Drax, a leading renewable energy specialist. » Read More...

Ontario announces forest biomass program funding recipients

Ontario is investing more than $9.4 million in 14 research, innovation and modernization initiatives to develop the untapped economic potential and environmental benefits of new and emerging uses of forest biomass. » Read More...

Another look 

A new year has begun and WPAC is ready!

Gordon Murray, WPAC's executive director, kicks off 2024 with a column paying global respect to international markets, highlighting domestic objectives for the year ahead, and drawing focus to safety precautions in the sector through summits and awards programs while acknowledging that, in this industry, "partnerships are everything." » Read More...


Bio360 Expo 2024

Jan. 24-25, 2024 | Nantes, Fance »

European Pellet Conference 

March 6, 2024 | Wels, Austria »