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Unboxing learning opportunities: Q&A with Kruger’s Paula Allen

Paula Allen entered the pulp and paper industry in pursuit of new opportunities. Her quest to learn more and more about Kruger and the packaging industry sparks her enthusiasm afresh every day.

President’s view: Q&A with Fibreco’s Megan Owen-Evans

Megan Owen-Evans, president of B.C.-owned Fibreco Export Inc., one of the largest wood biomass handling terminals in the world, is helping bring more diversity to the Vancouver waterfront.

‘Sasquatch’ logger: Q&A with Janessa Nelson-Smith

Janessa Nelson-Smith grew up in a logging family, married into a logging family and has now joined a growing group of women making their careers in forestry.


Immersed in forestry

Ann-Marie Baron is the occupational health and safety and labour relations manager at Lemare Group, a privately owned harvesting, road building, log brokerage and civil works company based on Vancouver Island. » Read More...

Ardent advocate

A chance decision to join a forestry program in university led Olivia Blizzard – silviculture supervisor with J.D. Irving’s woodlands division in New Brunswick – to become a passionate advocate for sustainable forestry practices and bringing in more women to the industry. » Read More...

Sustainable career: Q&A with Shaw Renewables’ Julie Griffiths

The right team and flexibility to find the right home-work balance were essential factors for Julie Griffiths to settle into her career with Nova Scotia wood pellet producer Shaw Renewables. » Read More...

Team player: Q&A with Jessica Kruger’s Charland Labonté

Since Jessica Charland Labonté’s chance entry into the industry, she has taken up numerous challenges along the way and delivered the required results. » Read More...

Winning contributions: Q&A with forest sustainability director Wendy Crosina

Wendy Crosina is the director of forest sustainability at Weyerhaeuser Canadian Timberlands, and is also a recent recipient of the Forest Products Association of Canada’s Women in Forestry award. » Read More...


RNG Forum 2023    -    April 4, 2023

April 4, 2023 | Centrexpo Cogeco 550 Saint Amant Street Drummondville (QC, Canada) J2C 6Z3 » Read More...