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ECI Group, Wilson Bio-Chemical sign agreement to offer the Wilson System for waste processing

November 30, 2021
By ECI Group

ECI Group and Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd have signed an agreement to license and offer the Wilson System for waste processing. Photo courtesy the ECI Group.

ECI Group and Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd. have signed an agreement to license and offer the Wilson System for waste processing.

The Wilson System is a unique proven and patented waste treatment technology that takes mixed unsorted municipal, commercial and light industrial solid waste which treats the biogenic content and converts it to a cellulose-rich fibre sanitizing all the material to produce a range of clean resale products. The technology provides a recycling rate of up to 90 per cent, providing a truly sustainable solution designed to valorize waste. Wilson Fibre is the primary product of the system that can be further processed to produce high-value products such as biomass fuel pellets. Other materials separated through this process are clean plastics as well as ferrous and non-ferrous recyclates. It is a circular system feeding the circular economy.

The main advantages of the Wilson System are:

  • Carbon emissions are reduced by utilizing waste as an asset which is currently discharged to landfill as a liability, with the well documented consequence of landfill methane and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and environmental impacts
  • Replacing fossil fuels with high-value biomass pellets produced from Wilson Fibre, provides a substantial reduction in carbon emissions and provides integration with other processes to convert them into valuable chemical products.
  • Unique proven separation process to obtain homogenous biomass, plastics, metal, and glass which can be reused to produce other products.
  • Reduce waste volume by up to 70 per cent of its original volume, Waste sanitization and integral odour abatement system
  • Modular design to allow scalable implementation in large-scale facilities

The partnership agreement provides a tremendous base for both parties to work together in enhancing the system to meet specific environmental, market and client needs. This will leverage ECI Groups 145 years of cutting-edge engineering expertise knowledge with Wilsons’s decades of development of the Wilson System to offer to the market a unique, cost effective and highly scalable global solution to the environmental and economic problems.

Tom Wilson, founder of Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd. and inventor and designer of The Wilson System, commented: “The Wilson System is a global solution to the environmental and economic problems that are caused by the destructive methods currently used in the disposal of waste. The system is designed to valourize waste, it then becomes an asset from which a diverse range of products matched to the needs of the location can be returned to the local economies providing a truly and sustainable circular economy.”

Joaquin Flores, president of ECI Group, called the agreement with Wilson Bio-Chemical Ltd., “an important milestone. It is a major step in the commitment of ECI Group to provide engineering expertise and solutions for the circular economy. This is something we owe to current and future generations, and we have spent many years in trying to find the right system and partner. We firmly believe that we have found this with The Wilson System and with Tom and his highly qualified team. We are very excited about taking this to the market and sharing the uniqueness and benefits we have only touched upon in this announcement.”

ECI Group and Wilson are already engaged in several projects around the world that use Municipal Solid Waste to obtain raw materials to be used in production of new plastics, fuel, or energy, thus closing the loop, and decreasing the carbon footprint.

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