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The Nexus combustion chamber is engineered for unparalleled efficiency. Thanks to its innovative automatic ash extraction system, it can run smoothly on cost-effective wet bark for a remarkable 6 to 12 months without interruption for cleaning. Unlike conventional rotary dryer systems, our solution eliminates the need to recirculate 15% of clean dry white fiber to the combustion chamber. This translates to a 15% increase in pellet production from your dryer.
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Wellons Canada has installed heat and energy solutions to the Pellet Industry for fibre drying and heating applications for many years. We supply both biomass and gas combustion systems with indirect heating such as thermal oil or water glycol heating for belt dryers along with Hot Gas Generators for Rotary Fibre Dryers that are designed to maximize thermal efficiency and optimize the fibre drying process. Total Project Solutions from Concept to Completion.

Control Union has been helping to build a better world for several decades. From our roots in agriculture, we have since grown to become a global trustworthy partner for testing, inspection, and certification (TIC), providing a comprehensive range of quality services to clients in over 80 countries.
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SGS, as world's leading Inspection Company, facilitates international trade by providing inspection and testing services tailored to Biofuels (wood chips, wood pellets etc) to verify the availability, quantity and quality of the product. Our global presence means that we can offer these services throughout the supply chain, starting from the source to the final destination and including all transfer, export and import points. Due to our standardized reporting which is based on the defined industry regulations, we make commodity trading and deliveries less contentious and open. We also help you to ensure sustainable operations and compliance throughout the life cycle, while enhancing productivity, quality and consumer trust.

More for information contact us at Ca.Agri.Biomass@sgs.com or visit www.sgs.com/naturalresources
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PDI is your trusted partner for turn-key biomass solutions, specializing in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). Our state-of-the-art dryers are the cornerstone of our offerings, ensuring consistent, high-quality output for industries ranging from wood products to animal feed. Complemented by our custom-designed energy systems, we provide innovative, environmentally compliant solutions that are not only efficient but also cost-effective.
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Our hammer mill hammers, rods, screens, and pellet mill die and roller shells are the biomass industry’s premier choice. Their precision engineering and advanced technology guarantee exceptional durability, performance, and longevity. Designed for optimal biomass processing, they ensure maximum efficiency and output. We are committed to unmatched quality, making us the top choice for those seeking reliable and productive solutions in the biomass sector. Choose our products for superiour performace and sustainability.
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