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Biomass Engineering & Equipment supplies turn-key pellet plants and systems for handling bulk materials. With decades of experience in forest-product manufacturing, our team has developed advanced drag conveyors around the challenges associated with handling wood. These SMART Conveyors™ are dust tight, fully compliant with NFPA® codes, and boast some of the best efficiencies available. BE&E also offers individual systems for receiving, storage, metering, and trailer load-out.
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Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) provides analytical testing services for both the domestic and international solid biofuels markets.
Accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) to ISO 17025 ensures that BEL is operating under a quality management program that continually demonstrates technical competency. Whether you require testing for routine quality control or seek a certification for an export shipment, BEL covers your needs. We also offer on-site consulting and internal lab setup/design.
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We design, produce and deliver systems for loading, unloading, conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials, alongside equipment for chipping, screening, milling and processing wood for the wood pellet industry.
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CN is proud of its partnership with WPAC and its members - working together to support growth for the international wood pellet market. We’ve been shipping wood pellets from the source to global markets - over 2.5 million tons a year. Accessing new markets and helping you expand your business. Whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer we work closely with you to optimize your supply chain and provide logistics expertise.
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Our traditional markets are the biomass, animal feed technology and petfood market, the sugar industry, food and nutrient industry, and the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

AMANDUS KAHL is one of the leading manufacturers of plants for conditioning feed, food, biomass, wood, straw, waste tyres, sewage sludge, plastics scrap as well as domestic and industrial waste.

From the small individual press to industrial pelleting plant: We realise all the desired sizes. Construction of heavy machinery pays off: Our plants are characterised by a high operational safety and availability also for continuous operation. The main machines as pan grinder mills, belt driers, pelleting presses and coolers, are produced in our factory at Reinbek near Hamburg – made in Germany. We also offer consultation and assistance from the start of the project until after-sales service.
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Contact PRODESA Group for any need related to pellet production.

Engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the supply of pellet plants under a turnkey approach, but also one of the leading companies in the supply of equipment such as belt dryers, pellet mills and hammer mills for the wood industry.

From our service center in Atlanta (GA), the PRODESA Group team is able to supply dies, roller housings, bearings and other components for all types of pellet mills, guaranteeing continuous operation.
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The Nexus combustion chamber is engineered for unparalleled efficiency. Thanks to its innovative automatic ash extraction system, it can run smoothly on cost-effective wet bark for a remarkable 6 to 12 months without interruption for cleaning. Unlike conventional rotary dryer systems, our solution eliminates the need to recirculate 15% of clean dry white fiber to the combustion chamber. This translates to a 15% increase in pellet production from your dryer.
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Wellons Canada has installed heat and energy solutions to the Pellet Industry for fibre drying and heating applications for many years. We supply both biomass and gas combustion systems with indirect heating such as thermal oil or water glycol heating for belt dryers along with Hot Gas Generators for Rotary Fibre Dryers that are designed to maximize thermal efficiency and optimize the fibre drying process. Total Project Solutions from Concept to Completion.