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Atlantic BIOCON 2019

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May 27 - May 30, 2019

The Atlantic BIOCON Conference is a dynamic 2-day conference that sparks discussion and projects that transform our renewable natural resources into business opportunities. These opportunities are part of a vision for a sustainable future and circular economy where Canada’s biomass is used to its full potential. Responsible resource management practices, new innovative technologies, and research and development in our traditional industries are essential elements of this vision. This is the biobased economy.

​Biorefining is a means to a sustainable future where we transform our natural resources into high value products like energy, medicines, bioplastics, and biofuels. Our natural resources are a valuable asset that should be leveraged sustainably and responsibly, and used in ways that yield the most positive impact for our society.

​Atlantic Canada is positioned to be a leader in innovations for the bioeconomy, with dozens of private and public research institutions and hundreds of companies already innovating in the biosciences. Our vast forests, affordable agriculture land, and diversified coastal zones make this region an ideal playground for piloting and scaling up globally disruptive biorefining technologies.

​Atlantic BIOCON 2019 will showcase the best projects on-the-go from inside and outside the Atlantic Canada region. Delegates can take advantage of a multitude of networking opportunities to connect with funders, speakers, industry and researchers in their fields.

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