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Evergreen Environmental launches anaerobic digester in Oshawa, Ontario

July 26, 2022
By Evergreen Environmental

Left to right: Ward Janssens (CEO/president of Evergreen), David Piccini (Minister of Environment), Richard Weldon (chairman of Evergreen Environmental) at the company's ground-breaking ceremony on July 26. Photo supplied.

Evergreen Environmental launched its ground-breaking anaerobic digester in Oshawa this week. This $130-million super-project will drastically reduce organic waste by converting it to renewable natural gas and energy through anaerobic digestion.

Currently, organic waste from the Oshawa region is delivered to regional landfill sites where its stored energy is lost as it rots over decades. Many of these sites have already been saturated with physical waste, or are close to their maximum capacity. Organic waste management in Oshawa is a long-standing problem that threatens to develop into a crisis without innovative efforts to redirect and reuse organic waste.

The state-of-the-art digester takes organic waste collected from the Oshawa region and processes them into safe, usable fertilizer as well as natural gas. Both products will then serve local agricultural, commercial and residential markets. This is a true recycle and reuse project that holds the potential to be a win-win for all constituents of the Oshawa region.

In the last five years, Anaerobic Digestion has rapidly gained support from residents and environmental officials in communities across Ontario. The wave of positive support stems from anaerobic digestion’s ability to capture reusable fertilizer and natural gas from organic waste without causing unwanted side effects such as ground water contamination or foul odours. Amidst the current climate change crisis, this innovative effort will reduce environmental waste and improve regional soil quality.


The new facility will use cutting-edge, scientifically-tested and clean technology already used by many municipalities across Ontario. Evergreen Environmental, along with its partner company CCI Bio Energy, are leading experts in anaerobic technology.

“We are simply the best at it,” says Richard Weldon, chairman of Evergreen. This exciting and innovative private sector project is supported by leading environmental experts as well as the Ministry of Environment.

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