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Finnish companies share biomass ideas in Canada

January 24, 2017
By Finnopool Inc.

Jan. 24, 2017 - Finpro’s Waste to Energy & Bioenergy Growth Program is visiting northern Ontario with five Finnish companies to share ideas on small and mid-sized combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating systems.

The visit will include sectoral meetings, b2b meetings with local key stakeholder (private companies, authorities, development centres etc.) as well as participation in the Building Biomass Value Chains Workshop hosted by Biomass North in Thunder Bay.

Canada, due to CETA agreement and public support/subsidies to renewable energy, is seen as very attractive market with a lot of growth potential for Finnish companies. Finpro helps Finnish companies to go international.

Biomass to energy & waste to energy in combined heat and power (CHP) generation

The harsh climate, long distances and structure of the basic industry were the key drivers of Finland becoming a global leader in the utilization of wood-based biomass for energy production. Having always had a vast amount of forest instead of fossil fuels, Finland has invested heavily on extensive bioenergy R&D&I since the 1970s. 


Besides wood-based energy, Finland has also produced leading technologies for power plants that utilize waste as feedstock. Several waste using power plants supply heat and electricity (CHP) for the neighboring cities and areas. Almost 80 per cent of district heat production and one-third of electricity is obtained in CHP generation. No other country has such a great market share of CHP than Finland.

The plants typically use mixed waste from households, shops and industry. Hazardous waste is also treated to produce heat and power. There are several companies providing CHP plant technology and CHP services in Finland. The service may include the whole value chain from fuel collection and treatment to CHP production and distribution including also service and maintenance.

Besides the main competence areas highlighted above, Finnish companies have experience in services for advanced forest management, wood harvesting & transportation chain as well as municipal and industrial waste management in general.

Companies participating in this delegation visit include:

  1. Enviroburners – Company known for industrial burners for alternative fuels.
  2. Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd. – An organization representing companies based in the city of Mikkeli, Finland including:
    • Ariterm – known for small-scale biomass power stations
    • Farmi Forest – known for forestry management solutions
    • KPA Unicon – known for turn-key or process delivery for power plants using biomass as well as oil and gas
  3. Simosol – known for forest management software
  4. Indufor – known for world’s leading forest consulting service providers
  5. VTT Technical Research Centre – known for R&D, piloting and testing services related to bioenergy and waste-to-energy

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