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First Nations company exploring waste-to-energy facility in Vavenby, B.C.

February 8, 2021
By Canadian Biomass Magazine


A new waste-to-energy facility could be on the horizon in Vavenby, not quite two years after the shutdown of Canfor’s sawmill in the British Columbia community.

Simpcw Resources Group, a First Nations-owned company, said the company wishes to provide a renewable energy source while serving the local area which lost about 187 direct jobs after the closure of the sawmill.

The concept of the company is to convert clean thermal and electrical energy from the diversion of sewage sludge, forestry materials, municipal solid waste and other materials from landfills.

To read the full story from The Rocky Mountain Goat, click here.


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1 Comment » for First Nations company exploring waste-to-energy facility in Vavenby, B.C.
  1. Tim Pennell says:

    Sent to our MLA Peter Milobar and Mayor Merlin Blackwell of the adjacent community of Clearwater that controls the industrial park across the street from Vavenby. I urge others to reply in kind, this type of facility has significant health and environmental risks, especially when placed in a valley bottom that is prone to inversions trapping emissions AND adjacent to a salmon bearing river that connects directly to the Fraser River.
    First off I apologize for being a NIMBY but I in this instance am going to be a vehement one. To even consider a waste to energy plant literally across the street from a densely populated residential community is beyond reason or comprehension. This is why I have always felt it is unreasonable for the VAVENBY Industrial Park to be within the non contiguous boundaries of Clearwater.
    To add further insult, the first the residents of Vavenby are hearing of this is from a Valemount newspaper article shared on Facebook, weeks after you yourself have commented on it. Very bad form. To place this type of a facility near the bottom of a river valley, on property abutting up to the North Thompson River is so poorly conceived that it is unimaginable. The project will be strongly opposed with organized opposition.
    Utterly disgusting how Vavenby residents have been completely circumvented and even worse that there is no concern for a community out here in the sticks. How about you try a facility at the end of Kershaw, much less densely populated there, let us know how it goes and we may reconsider……….ya right.

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