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Four reasons to join the pellet quality control program ENplus

March 17, 2022
By Fahimeh Yazdan Panah, research director, WPAC

After being introduced to ENplus in its premier video, the next step in any good relationship is getting to know the other party. Enter Video No. 2.

“As a wood products professional you know better than anybody else that high and constant product quality is key to your success,” ENplus offers.

But the question you might ask is how to achieve this? The answer is: Certification. By ensuring that your product complies with set standards, certifications are the most reliable way to achieve quality standard and make the most of your business.

According to the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), one of the main benefits of certification standards is “they give you access to internationally recognized best practices across your business.”


With more than 1,000 certified companies in 46 countries, ENplus has established itself as the world-leading wood pellet certification scheme and is widely recognized across Europe and on every continent, trusted by professionals and consumers alike. “In numbers,” boasts ENplus, “this means nearly 12 million tonnes of ENplus-certified wood pellets produced in the world in 2019.”

Certification is the No. 1 reason to join ENplus.

Reason 2: ENplus is based on constant quality follow-ups, laid out in its reference documents. These requirements are enforced by a network of auditors and partners and guarantee the constant quality of ENplus pellets. In addition to the annual inspections, every quality complaint is recorded, tracked and resolved.

Reason 3: ENplus is the only certification scheme that systematically certifies the entire supply chain, from the early stages of production to the end of the delivery process.

Reason 4: ENplus reinvests income generated by the certification scheme for the good of the whole sector through advocacy for wood pellets, networking opportunities, awareness campaigns, and technical studies.

These are four of the reasons ENplus is the best option for wood pellet producers all across the globe. Watch the ENplus video here and join the hundreds of producers who already make the most of the ENplus scheme.

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