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Free dashboard based on Clean Power Plan

December 21, 2015
By Andrew Snook

December 21, 2015 - The new FutureMetrics dashboard shows data for each state as it pertains to compliance with the Clean Power Plan.

The main window has a chart that shows the levels of CO2 in either lbs/MWh or total tons of CO2 based on the CPP goals from 2022 to 2030 for the selected state.  The chart also shows the percent reduction in CO2 emissions from the 2012 baseline for the selected state.

The main window also shows the baseline coal and natural gas generation mix in 2012 for the selected state that the EPA used to set the CO2 reduction goals. 

The main window shows the estimated number of tons of pellets that would be used in co-firing in the year 2030 if a proportion of coal power plants in that state met the CO2 reduction goals for that state. The proportion is set at 10 per cent of the pulverized coal plants in the state but can be changed by the user.

The pop-up window has a chart showing the estimated number of tons of pellets for each year from 2022 to 2030 for the selected state. The pellet demand estimates are based on each state’s expected CO2 emissions in 2022 and the further reductions needed to meet the 2030 targets that can be achieved by co-firing pellets with coal. The proportion of pulverized coal plants co-firing in the state also determines the demand for pellets.


The data behind the dashboard is from the EPA. The EPA assumes that CO2 emissions will fall from the baseline year 2012 to the CPP implementation year in 2022 via a loss in coal generation that is replaced by natural gas generation and by increases in intermittent renewable generation from wind and solar.

The free dashboard can be downloaded from the FutureMetrics website:

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