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FutureMetrics’ new dashboard estimates cost of wood fibre for pellet plants

January 26, 2021
By FutureMetrics

How much wood does it take to supply a pellet factory and how much does it cost?

A new FutureMetrics dashboard provides the answer.

The largest component of the cost-of-goods for pellet manufacturing is the cost of wood fibre. With the new dashboard, you can estimate the quantity of wood needed and its cost.

The dashboard allows the user to estimate the metric tonnes per year of woody feedstock required to furnish a pellet factory with the raw material needed to produce pellets and provide energy for the drying system. The ratio of tonnes of incoming wood to tonnes of pellets produced is also estimated.

The dashboard includes estimates of the annual cost of the wood fibre and the wood cost per tonne of pellets produced.

The dashboard updates in real time to changes in any of the critical inputs that determine wood demand and cost.

The dashboard is free to use.

Go to the FutureMetrics website and scroll down to the dashboards.

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