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Green Science Alliance develops 100% bio-plastic with sargassum

January 4, 2022
By Green Science Alliance Co.

Molding products of 100 per cent biomass biodegradable resin made with sargassum waste. (PRNewsfoto/Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.)

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. is developing the cutting-edge materials and technology in order to create carbon free, sustainable society.

They have developed 100 per cent nature biomass biodegradable plastic and many other nature bio-based chemicals such as biomass resin, biomass coating, biomass ink, etc. These innovative materials and technologies are registered as UNIDO and WIPO GREEN (United Nations). They were also chosen as United Nation support startup company in 2020, Kobe, Japan (UNOPS S3i Innovation Centre Japan).

This time, Dr. Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. has developed biomass biodegradable plastic from sargassum with the support of UNOPS startup program. He has also succeeded creating sargassum derived 100 per cent biomass biodegradable plastic without any petroleum.

Sargassum is the seaweed in the Caribbean Sea region and they are increasing due to global warming and de-forestation of Amazon Rainforest because rich fertile soil flows into the ocean. Sargassum is causing pollution problems including bad smell because they rot and get spoiled after they reach the beach. The problem is severe especially at coastal area of Florida, Antigua and Barbuda, Mexico, Caribbean countries, South America and West Africa region. Green Science Alliance has succeeded in creating biomass biodegradable resin pellet and its molding products (spoon as example) from this sargassum waste. This is such an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. It is expected that sargassum derived biodegradable plastic can be cheap because they partly use sargassum waste as raw material which is free of cost.


Green Science Alliance is planning to build-up factory to manufacture this biomass biodegradable plastic from sargassum waste by cooperating with investors, companies, etc. in USA, Mexico, South America or Caribbean regions.

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