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DEMO grinds up Maple Ridge

November 22, 2016
By Canadian Biomass Staff Report

Nov. 24, 2016 - DEMO International, held in Maple Ridge, B.C., in September, was a prime opportunity for grinding manufacturers to show off their chewing power. Here's an overview of what was highlighted at the show.

Diamond Z The DiamondZ DZH4000 is built with a C18 Caterpillar engine


The DiamondZ DZH4000 is built with a C18 Caterpillar engine and is available in Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4i and Tier 4 final, offering up to 765hp. It delivers production rates up to 120 tons per hour and offers easy transportability, operation and maintenance. It is available in three model options: DZH4000 transport model, DZH4000TK Track mounted and DZH4000TKT Track and transport.

Bandit Industries now offers new options and designs for the Model 2680XP, 3680XP and 4680XP Beast Recyclers that allow the machines to excel in processing dense, stringy green waste like palms, vines and coastal vegetation. The cuttermill features a 30-tooth setup with 2” wide teeth as opposed to the standard 60-tooth, 1” wide arrangement. While a 60-tooth set up is still the best for grinding larger diameter wood, in leafy and stringy material void of larger material the 30-tooth setup is extremely efficient. The mill RPM has been increased to help clear the mill faster, while the mill housing itself is opened up. A new proportional drive system for hydraulics on the Beast’s feed system helps to deliver maximum feeding rates without overfeeding the machine. This new system will monitor engine loads and automatically adjust the feed rate to match. The new system can also switch over to six different feed speeds.

Rotochopper’s B-66 series grinders process a wide range of raw materials including whole trees, slabwood, railroad ties, asphalt roofing shingles, round and square bales, sorted C & D, wood chips and pallets into engineered fibre commodities. It is built with features designed to maximize uptime and end product control including a domed slat infeed conveyor; gap-less infeed transition; patented slab ramp adjustable shear plane; patented concentric powerfeed lift with internal radial piston drive; hydraulic screen installation system; and a patented replaceable mount rotor. Optional features include a biomass rotor package for producing short fibre fuels from round wood; crawler tracks with highway transport dolly and a simultaneous grind and colour system.


The 3200 Track Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder from Morbark is built with a CAT C18, Tier II, 765-hp engine. It features an externally adjustable breakaway torque limiter; a live floor with four strands of WDH-110 chain in staggered configuration; a variable speed infeed system with 30” diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive/replaceable scraper for feed wheel teeth; and a Strickland undercarriage with double grouser pads. The grinder is also equipped with an 18-hammer/raker pattern; Wearwolf inserts; and 3” hex screens.


Peterson brought out their 5000H whole tree chipper to demonstrate the many benefits of in-field chipping. The all-in-one chipper will debark, delimb, and make paper grade pulp and paper chips in one single process. The 5000H can fill a standard chip van with clean chips in less than 15 minutes! Equipped with a large feed throat, the 5000H can accept up to a 23 inch (56 cm) diameter single tree or multiple smaller stems. The 5000H can be configured with a three or four pocket disc, with several optional sheave sizes to make precisely the chip you need. The standard three-pocket disc produces chips from 5⁄8 to 1 1/4 inches (16–32 mm) long, while the optional four-pocket disc produces chips from 1Ž2 to 1 inches (13–25 mm) long. Chipping production rates up to 100 tons (90 tonnes) per hour can be achieved depending on chip size and wood characteristics.

Terex Environmental Equipment
Terex Environmental Equipment brought machines from its CBI and Ecotec product lines and featured its TBG 650 Horizontal Grider (CBI 5800BT) at DEMO, along with its CBI 7544 Flail and Disc Chipper process material. The TBG 650 wood waste grinder is engineered for land clearing, logging companies, mulch yards and yard waste and demolition wood processors requiring reliability and high-volume throughput. The machine features a high-lift upper feed roll for easy maintenance, a high torque, hydrostatic feed system, interchangeable carbide layer tips and diverter pan. The CBI 7544 Flail and Disc Chipper uses a belt-driven gearbox to drive the majority of its hydraulics, and features a bidirectional bark pusher, which gives the ability to discharge the debris to either side of the machine.



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