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Imperative Energy expands internationally

March 20, 2012
By Marketwire

Mar. 20, 2012 - Imperative Energy Ltd has announced a partnership with Northline Energy, a provider of biomass combustion systems, as well as a proposal to build a Bio-Park that will incorporate a CHP plant, wood pellet production facility and biopharma facility.

Mar. 20, 2012 – Imperative Energy Ltd (Imperative), a leading provider of biomass
heat and power solutions in the UK and Ireland, today announced two
corporate milestones that will substantially expand its presence in
the U.S. market and bring novel new biomass energy options to
industrial and commercial customers. The first is a partnership with
Northline Energy, a Lynnwood, WA-based provider of biomass combustion
systems. The collaboration blends Imperative's project finance and
project development expertise with Northline's U.S.-based technical
team to offer fully financed biomass solutions to users under
long-term Energy Supply Agreements. A project pipeline with a capital
expenditure of over $100 million in the next few years is already

The second corporate development is a proposed Bio-Park in Taunton,
MA. The park is modeled on a similar campus in Co. Mayo, Ireland
designed by Imperative and partner, J.P. Prendergast. The MA Bio-Park
will incorporate a biomass-fired CHP plant, wood pellet production
facility and biopharma facility. A planning application for the Irish
campus was recently submitted, while a detailed feasibility study has
already been initiated for a $10+ million Taunton project.

The announcements were made following a business networking lunch in
Washington, DC hosted by Enterprise Ireland. Attending the lunch was
Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny. The Prime Minister is in town
with a trade mission and for official meetings to celebrate St.
Patrick's Day. Enterprise Ireland is the Government agency
responsible for the growth and development of Irish companies in
international markets.

Imperative and Northline are connected through a Swiss-based
manufacturer of bioenergy technology, Schmid AG. According to
Northline's CEO Ron Kirkendorfer, "Formalizing the relationship with
Imperative Energy is one of the easiest business decisions we have
made in some time. Both of our teams share access to best-in-class
Swiss technology, we are similar in size and background, and we share
a common vision on how to develop the biomass sector in the U.S.
through Energy Contracting."


Joe O'Carroll, Managing Director at Imperative Energy, said, "The
fundamentals for growing the biomass opportunity are: availability of
sustainable biomass resources, rising fossil fuel prices, increasing
energy demand, and strong policy and regulatory support for renewable
energy. All of these factors are in play in many regions across the
U.S., particularly in New England and the Pacific Northwest. While
our initial focus will be in these locations, our partnership with
Northline broadens our reach to all parts of the U.S."

O'Carroll cited the role that the Global Cleantech Cluster
Association Awards had in Imperative's recent acceleration of the
business in international markets, "In November 2011, following a
nomination by The Green Way, Ireland's Cleantech Cluster, Imperative
won the Best in Bioenergy category at the GCCA* Later Stage Awards.
This accelerated our expansion into overseas markets, especially the
U.S. and the Caribbean."

Imperative Energy, which was founded in 2007 in Co. Kildare, Ireland,
is a leading supplier of bioenergy solutions (heat, steam and power)
to the industrial, commercial and public sectors across the UK and
Ireland. The company recently closed a round of fundraising, taking
in investment from the Northwest Fund for Energy & Environment
(NWF4EE) which is managed by CT Investment Partners and is part of
the GBP 185m North West Fund, which is provided jointly by the
European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Regional Development Fund
(ERDF). CT Investment Partners also advises the Carbon Trust on its
venture capital activities and is one of the most experienced
investors in this space.

With rising fuel costs and increasing demand for clean technology,
Imperative Energy is perfectly placed to take advantage of the
opportunities that a growing alternative energy market presents.

About Imperative Energy

Imperative Energy offers a full turnkey
service to customers, from feasibility, design and equipment supply
and installation through to full financing, fuel supply, operation
and maintenance of plant. This provides customers the option of
owning and operating biomass energy plants themselves or of having
the plants built on-site for them to benefit from the renewable
energy without having the capital expense of owning the plant or the
need to operate it themselves. Projects financed by Imperative for
customers are called ESCOs and they represent a highly attractive
investment class whilst also being a long term provider of
sustainable base-load energy.

For information on Imperative Energy, please visit

About Northline

Northline Energy, a leader in renewable biomass
technologies, provides cost-efficient systems and equipment to
organizations and companies seeking the benefits of local,
sustainable, and economically stable fuel sources. Established in
1994, Northline Energy has completed public, industrial and
distributed heating projects including K-12 schools, universities,
hospitals, and municipal buildings ranging from 80kW to 25 MW steam

Northline Energy's recent execution of an exclusive distribution
agreement with Schmid AG for the USA and Canada represents the
commitment to best of class equipment and dedication to service.
Through productive partnerships, Northline continues to support a
full range of equipment and turn-key biomass energy solutions.

For information on Northline Energy, please visit

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