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Intelligent moisture predicting tool

Moisture prediction
Sept. 3, 2010 – MHG Systems Ltd. has introduced a new intelligent predicting tool.

September 3, 2010
By MHG Systems
 Moisture prediction  

Sept. 3,
2010 – MHG Systems Ltd. has introduced a new intelligent predicting tool. With
the predicting algorithm, entrepreneurs working in the bioenergy business can
significantly enhance operations. Huge dollars can be saved by correctly timing
chipping and transporting of stored biomass.

The first
generation of predicting models has already been implemented as a part of MHG
Systems’ Bioenergy ERP system, allowing more precise control of the procurement
chain. The predicting models were developed together with the Finnish Forest
Research Institute and University of Eastern Finland.

system gives the storage’s current moisture content and predicts the future
moisture content for six months ahead. Biomass moisture content varies by
length of time in storage, quality, and time of year. Chipping, transporting,
and use can be optimized efficiently by predicting the time at which the
biomass is driest. The most effective energy production is achieved at that
time. Carbon dioxide emissions are also minimized.


Systems offers its Bioenergy ERP service worldwide for companies working in the
bioenergy field. To make it easier to initialize the use of real-time moisture
monitoring, MHG Systems has prepared a comprehensive Starter Package for its
customers. This includes the Bioenergy ERP Service, MHG Mobile software, and
Nokia E72 smart-phone, designed for serious working conditions. MHG Mobile
software enables the realtime measurement of biomass using various moisture


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