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ISB now offering one-of-a-kind biocarbon seed ball

May 29, 2019
By Infused Seed Ball Ltd.

Infused Seed Ball Ltd. (ISB) out of B.C. has started taking orders for its one of a kind biocarbon seed ball. The golf ball sized ball has high quality products in it and will enhance growth and densities by more than four times, and can also sequester water for growth in the driest conditions. The ball is so durable that drones and mechanical planting can be used to get them into the ground. Also, with such a durable product they can be planted in winter months and on the steepest slopes.

The infused seed ball has been tested for years now by ISB and third parties with all species of trees, produce, flowers, and hemp. The biocarbon additive provides a huge amendment value in growing. Consequently, ISB hopes to plant a denser tree while promoting soil amendment a little at a time. The ISB ball can even be planted directly after a forest fire burns to help amend the scorched ground and start healing the forest by growth. Thanks to the durability of its ball, ISB will promote longer and changing growing seasons and make re-forestation affordable with increasing production.

ISB is owned by Talby Mckay, a pioneer in waste wood residual and biochar/biocarbon processing. To find out more, visit

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