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Maine Energy Systems represents ÖkoFEN boilers across Canada

July 7, 2015
By Maine Energy Systems

July 7, 2015 - Maine Energy Systems is now the sole distributor for MESys/ÖkoFEN pellet-fired boiler and furnace systems for all of Canada. 

Maine Energy Systems, located in Bethel, Maine, is the licensed manufacturer of ÖkoFEN-designed boilers for the U.S. These boilers carry the MESys AutoPellet label and are fully certified for Canadian installation.  

MESys/ÖkoFEN boilers are self-de-ashing and are automatically fed from connected multi-ton storage units allowing them to run unattended for extended periods.  

The company has been distributing these boiler products since 2009, primarily in the heavily oil-dependent northeastern U.S., but also as far west as Southeast Alaska.  

MESys boilers are a leading brand of small- to mid-sized pellets boilers in the Northwest Territories of Canada, where Jan Larsson and Brian Lickoch of Energy North  have been instrumental in fostering growth in the pellet boiler industry. They have installed a number of the northernmost MESys/ÖkoFEN boilers in Inuvik, and more than 40 boilers in Norman Wells, N.W.T. 

The MESys/ÖkoFEN line of boilers includes fully-automatic hot water boilers that range in output capacity from 12KW (41,000BTU/hr) to 56KW (191,000BTU/hr) models. The boilers are also commonly installed together in cascades to heat larger spaces with cascades to 224KW (764,000BTU/hr) being quite common. The largest single cascade of ÖkoFEN boilers includes 20 linked boilers in a large, commercial building in Madrid, Spain.

In addition to boilers, Maine Energy Systems also distributes MESys/ÖkoFEN forced hot air furnaces in residential output ranges of 20KW (68,000BTU/hr) and 32KW (109,000BTU/hr).

More than 60,000 ÖkoFEN pellet boilers are installed throughout the world.

Maine Energy Systems is looking forward to establishing partnerships with Canadian energy companies. Training sessions on the installation, operation, and maintenance of MESys/ÖkoFEN boilers are conducted monthly without charge in Bethel, Maine. 

For more information, contact Dr. Harry “Dutch” Dresser at (207)824.7445 or

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