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New drying technology moves to commercial trials

June 22, 2012
By Altentech Power Inc.

Altentech BiovertidryersJune 22, 2012 - Regulating moisture content is a very important step in a wide variety of biomass to energy processes, and Altentech Power Inc. has begun commercialization of its highly-efficient Biovertidryers.

June 22, 2012 – Reducing the moisture content of biomass is a critically important step in a wide variety of biomass to energy processes, from pelletizing to torafaction. Even in situations where the material is being fed directly into a boiler, removing and regulating moisture content increases efficiencies and reduces emissions.

Given that reality and because biomass drying systems have remained largely unchanged for many years if not decades, industry stakeholders have been following the progress of  technology with great interest.

Altentech is pleased to announce that has now moved from R&D to commercialization of its high efficiency, small footprint dryers.

Engineered to deliver new levels of control and consistency — at high volumes — the unique nature of this Canadian developed, owned and manufactured technology is confirmed by the fact that it is now patented (or in patent process) in 48 countries around the globe.

Most recently and significantly — Altentech has completed a full scale demonstration center in Princeton, British Columbia.

Altentech Power Inc's new Biovertidryer  
Altentech Power Inc. has begun commerical demonstration of their high efficiency, small footprint Biovertidryers.


This comprehensive installation is prominently located on the south side of Princeton Co-Gen Corp and Eagle Valley Wood Fuel Pellets operation. That group's forward planning management agreed to provide this hosting site in recognition of the broad based industry challenges that Altentech's Biovertidryers address.

At the time of this writing Noram Engineering is beginning a comprehensive 3rd party validation engagement but detailed data already collected indicates that the Altentech D10 model Biovertidryer is performing at or exceeding expectations — using significantly less thermal and electrical energy to dry the biomass feed stock than incumbent drying systems — while reducing particulate emissions.

The inherent design of the dryer — particularly how it strictly controls the biomass being processed — reduces, if not practically eliminates the potential for explosions and fires associated with other widely and commonly used equipment. To that point, Altentech appreciated the invaluable input and oversight of the BC Ministry of Environment and Work SafeBC and has also acknowledged the interest and support of agencies and individuals who are clearly committed to fostering economic and environmental advancements in the biomass to energy sector, such as National Resources Canada and the BC Bioenergy Network.

Priced from $850,000.00 to $1,950,000.00 Altentech's small footprint Biovertidryers are modular in design and range in processing capacity from approximately 10 to 30 tons per hour in-feed, and 5 to 15 tons per hour output based on an in-feed moisture content of 45 to 50% and a moisture content of 10% at discharge — although the computerized control system can be easily set for a variety of outcomes to match the operations needs.

Altentech Biovertidryers, they’re ready, running smoothly and exceeding performance expectations — but are they the much anticipated drying solution that the biomass to energy industry has been waiting for? Well if you’re serious about reducing moisture quickly and consistently while lowering your operating costs and polluting emissions it might be worth giving them a call!
More information as well as tours of the Princeton demo center can be obtained by contacting them via their website or at 604 568-9848.

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