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Canadian Biomass
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UNBC gets grant to study biomass ash
Researchers at the University of Northern British Columbia have received a grant in the new Canfor Pulp Grants Program to study uses for ash from biomass combustion.
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Biochar Solutions Canada formed
Biochar Solutions Inc, a Colorado Corporation, and Carbon Basis Company, an Alberta Corporation, today announced the formation of Biochar Solutions Canada Ltd.
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World Bioenergy Conference
World Bioenergy last call for papers

World Bioenergy 2012, held May 29-31 in Sweden, is accepting abstracts up to December 1, 2011. Topics include Bioenergy resources and potential; Sustainable harvest of forest residues; Optimizing logistics; Policy to promote market development and innovation; Policies and measures to promote trade and sustainability; How to ensure sustainability; Improved combustion technologies and co-firing; District heating and CHP; Pellets, and more.

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Biomass Secure Power building five pellet plants
Biomass Secure Power Inc. gave shareholders an outline of its three year growth plan, including five plants.
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One fifth of energy could come from biomass
A new report suggests that up to one fifth of global energy could be provided by biomass without damaging food production. The report reviews more than 90 global studies.
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Pembina report taken out of context?
Policy analysts with the Pembina Institute say that recent claims aside, their work on the role of bioenergy in Ontario is not a blanket endorsement of the GHG benefits of using forest biomass.
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