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Canadian Biomass
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Pike Research launches advisory service
Pike Research announced the launch of its new Bioenergy Advisory Service, a subscription-based information suite that provides market intelligence and strategy insights for those in the biomass ecosystem.
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Tropical biofuels making matters worse Tropical biofuels making matters worse?
Most biodiesel production is making climate change worse not better, according to an article in Ecology & Society. Biodiesel from palm oil plantations may be the world's dirtiest fuel - far worse than burning diesel made from oil.
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IBCE 2012
IBCE 2012 program includes pellets, torrefaction

The program for the International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition 2012 is shaping up, and now includes an entire morning’s session devoted to advances and issues in the wood pellet sector, as well as a special technical session on torrefaction. The torrefaction sessions will provide the opportunity to hear specific details about the status of torrefaction globally from some of the sector’s leading proponents. Other topics include community energy, advanced bioenergy technologies, sustainability and more.

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Integrated control system from Hurst Boiler New integrated control system from Hurst Boiler
Hurst Boiler & Welding Company has developed a new high efficiency and integrated control system for all their products. The system features graphical visualization and information collection to facilitate easier and better operational management.
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Coal Co-firing issues Conference talks coal co-firing issues
Increasing the biomass co-fired with coal at power plants seems to be a simple way to reduce CO2 emissions. However, co-firing does raises a number of issues which will be discussed at the 2nd International Workshop on Co-firing Biomass with Coal.
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Biodiesel process has 1,000 hr run time with wood
After a rigorous testing process and 1,000 running hours, Energy Department project partners at ThermoChem Recovery International have validated a process that converts wood waste into clean, renewable fuel.
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